Each semester students enrolled in Social Action Theater write, revise and perform skits that are tailored to the audience we are performing for. We write and perform skits to inform the audience of everyday examples of racism, sexism, homophobia, and a variety of other prejudicial attitudes. the skits have a main issue but are rewritten many times to be applied to various situations. Although every skit in its entirety cannot be shown; below are summaries of the more popular ones.

    Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes

    the characters are a teacher, a brown-eyed student and a blue-eyed student. Both of the students missed class the day before and approach the teacher for the missing assignment. The teacher gives the missed assignment to the brown-eyed student, but not to the blue-eyed one. The teacher justified her action by saying the blue-eyed student  is lazy because she frequently is absent due to her home situation and many times stays home from school to babysit her younger sibling. 

    This skit is a role reversal. Typically, the brown-eyed people get discriminated against, and the blue-eyed people get off Easy.

    Is this fair?

    One Legged Wonder

    tryouts for the girl's basketball team are tonight. Cassandra, the new girl, is trying for a spot on the team. the girls know one person will be cut and after finding out that Cassondra has a prosthetic leg because of an injury suffered from a car accident, they are certain her name will not be on the roster.

    Cassandra is just as talented as the other girls on the team, and it is up to the coach to decide who will be wearing the jerseys at the first game. Who will he chose and why?

    Math Problems

    This is a skit on sincerity. About how honest and truthful a person is. the setting is a middle school and four memebers of the "cool" group are thinking of ways to get the math homework that is due that day. Then, Katie walks by. Katie happens to be the teacher's pet and alwyas has her homework done. It is up to Mike, the ladies man, to talk her into giving him her homework. It works, katie gives him the homework and he lets the "cool' group copy it. they all get A's on their homework.

    Will Katie ever find out she is being used? Does Mike follow through with his end of the deal, after all, he invited Katie to a party. If Katie finds out, what will she do?

    A Black Thanksgiving

    It's Thanksgiving dinner and your son or daughter, who has bee naway at college since September, brought home his or her significant other who happens to be of another race. This is the scneario of A Black thanksgiving. Jenny brought Mike home to meet the family. The family doesn't know much about Mike other than that he attends St. john's Academy with Jenny and makes her very happy. Jenny never told her family that Mike is black.

    Let's see how Jenny's family reacts to meeting Mike for the first time.