"Dear Bob,

    On behalf of our congregation family I wish to thank you and your team of Social Action Theater students for coming to our church to present your social skits this past March.  I still hear people talking about them; the well prepared issues you presented are quite relevant to our community....Thank you again for sharing your time and talents with us;  please feel welcome to visit our church anytime....We wish the students God's blessings with their continuing education and future plans.  Thank you again for sharing your time and talents with us;  please feel welcome to visit our church anytime."

    "Great job. This was a healthy, creative, fun, empowering, helpful strategy to make students, faculty, and administrators aware. This strategy doesn't push anybody to realize they are biased. This collaboration unconsciously makes people aware.   You could use this for any type of issue."

    From the Housing and Residence Life staff at UW-Stout  "your contribution was extremely valuable...    we are grateful for the time you dedicated and your willingness to work toward social justice."

     "is a creative way to talk about hard issues"        

    "makes me think about what I might do in controversial situation"

    "opened some narrow minds to the concerns of how things really are, the big picture”

    As an instructor, I think that the skits and in-character and out-of-role questions and discussion enhanced my students’ knowledge our class-topic(s). SAT covered these in a way we wouldn’t have been able to using traditional teaching strategies. Many of my students are future educators and are constantly looking for effective teaching methods they will be able to use with their students. I think SAT demonstrated that skits addressing health-related topics can generate a lot of discussion and help students better understand the emotion and peer pressure that can go along with many health behaviors. I was informed by one of my students in HED 335 that she has already signed up for your class in the fall! I’m excited that I saw a flyer for SAT and plan on utilizing the group in future classes. I appreciate the fact that you mentioned that the class can continue to have discussion about the issue after the group leaves and plan on allotting time for additional class discussion next semester.  I will also send the other HEHP faculty members information about SAT and encourage them to contact you about scheduling for next semester

    "It demonstrated great values about life and what we should and shouldn't do in some situations."

    "They were good and hit on really good issues to discuss."

    "They dealt with real social issues that pertain to us today. They also prompted a lot of class discussion."

    "It was neat and everyone learned something from it."

    Just a note to thank you on behalf of the NAMI Board of Directors for taking the time to come and perform for our group.  The skits your players presented were interesting to our group from a stigma reduction angle and also the skits acquainted us with your technique of conveying information to effect changes in social attitudes.  Thanks for including the mentally ill in your advocacy work, and for all the good work your organization does in our community. 

    Dear Social Action Theater, Students, and Prof. Bob:  Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with Gundersen Lutheran Managers.  Your skits were thoughtful, creative, and your presentation was full of energy.  Please accept a check for $750 to be used as a scholarship(s).  Good Luck with the remainder of the semester.  Kudos for a job well done!

    The students and staff of Kee High would like to personally thank you for making the Diversity Day Celebration such a grand success.  Your contributions of time, materials, and energy help to provide a format in which our students could explore some of the world that they rarely see.  The triumph of your efforts was evident in the students interest and cooperation throughout the experience.  The day was successful in showing our students that the world that they live in is vast and full of people who are very different than they are.  This contributes to the children's understanding of diversity and promotes a feeling of acceptance and tolerance.  Truly we are all one people in this country, and our students were able to see through your hard work a small portion of the possibilities for their own lives.  We thank you from the entire community at Kee High.  Many of the groups who were present that day traveled great distances and took time from their busy schedules to be with us, and for that we are grateful.  We appreciate your time, effort, and sacrifice to attend the festival that day, even though we know that words can not truly express our gratitude.

    "Dear Bob: 

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to you for sharing your time and expertise with students in your role as advisor to Social Action Theater during the 2004-2005 academic year. 

    Student leaders benefit from involvement in student organizations by enhancing their leadership abilities and the contributions they make in their personal and professional lives.  The guidance, advice, and direction you provide as a student organization advisor play a significant role in the development of our students, while increasing the value of their collegiate experience.

    Congratulations on a successful year. 


    Doug  Hastad, Chancellor, UWL"

    " I cannot begin to speak about how much I have benefited from what I learned. This was the best session I have been to at NCORE."

    "It's a great, hands-on approach to diversity"

    "KUDOS to each and every one of you and your performance as part of Welcome Week 2000! Most of the programming emphasis for that week is on 'social integration' aspects of coming to college and your efforts are crucial to that end."

    "We received raving reviews from your session. Both the staff and students found it very interesting. We are fortunate to have your expertise in helping us achieve our goals in our diversity program." 

    "The Onalaska High School Ujima group and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in our second annual Diversity Day.  Teachers and students have said they truly enjoyed the presentations and performances on March 3rd.  Others have said weeks after the event students would bring up a topic or point that was discussed in a presentation.  Clearly what happened that day is sticking with our students. 

    Openness to diversity isn't something that happens instantaneously.  However, seeing people from different groups and perspectives, as well as learning about and discussing how to be a more open and excepting person of ourselves and others, plants the seeds for growth.  We are excited to be growing in this way here at OHS and in the Onalaska community. We sincerely thank you for taking time to share your talents, perspectives, and stories with us.  We hope we can ask you back again when we host this event in the future. 

    "Dear Social Action Theater,

    I am currently a senior.  Recently, you guys made a visit to talk to us at our high school and perform a couple of skits for our diversity day.   I was really touched by this one woman who performed that day.  After the skits, she was interviewed by the SAT teacher.  She told us she had Cerebral Palsy and that was the reason that she was in a wheel chair.  She said that she had felt shunned all her life and that she was used to it.  She also said that her dad hadn't been very involved in her life growing up and her mother had been an alcoholic.  It was very disturbing to hear her say those words.  As we were leaving the room, the SAT teacher told us to think about what she had said and how we treat people who are different from us.  In our society, it's so easy to distance yourself from people who are different from you.  I just wanted to say that I really admire that woman and not only did she teach me a lesson, she really inspired me to be a better person.  All day I've been thinking about what she said and I thought I'd write this letter because I couldn't let her go unnoticed for what she did for me.  I hope you share this letter with her and let her know how much of an impact she made in my life."