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    National Hmong Conference 2011

    Social Action Theatre was again invited to present an interactive action workshop at the 2011 Hmong National Development Conference, April 22-24, in Minneapolis Minnesota, based on its successful workshop presentation at HND in 2009.  This was the eighth international and national conference at which SAT has presented under Bob Krajewski’s leadership, including at Ethnicity in American Education (three times), International Third World Conference (twice), Kappa Delta Pi Education Honorary Convocation (twice) and Hmong National Development Conference (twice).

    The 2011 Hmong Conference was equally as exciting as the 2009 conference.  Our workshop focused on youth development and during this 2011 spring semester we developed several Hmong Youth Development skits specifically for the conference workshop. Our workshop, although scheduled during an important radio interview that attracted many HND participants, managed to attract 28 participants, including an 11 year old boy from California, students from six other states, and a gentleman from Thailand.  All were enthusiastic participants, especially the 11 year old.

    As mentioned, this spring we prepared several SAT skits especially for the conference.  After we (SAT members Yer Lor, Katelyn Mazza, Abby Muehlenhardt as well as Bob) presented our SAT Power Point explaining SAT and how we work to develop leaders who prepare skits and present them, we—with the help of several of the 28 participants—presented those two skits plus one other. We then divided the audience into four groups, each of which was to develop a skit.  As in 2009, the groups developed excellent diversity skits and then performed them—partly in English and partly in Hmong. And, as in 2009, the audience enjoyed the skits, as some of the situations were partly serious and partly comical.  Several of the audience members used their cameras to record the scripts (as well as our power point presentation and 3 skits our SAT students performed) so they could use them to help develop a SAT type group at their home base.