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    Celebration of Involvement & Leadership:

    Outstanding Involvement by a Student Organization

    ORGANIZATION:     Social Action Theater

    NOMINATOR:           Crystal Sornson, SAT President  

    Social Action Theater is a 60+ member university student social awareness organization that addresses diversity issues by designing, then performing audience interactive skits on and off campus. Each semester new students join SAT, complemented by a core of continuing students who serve as guides/mentors.  Thus we continually evolve, ensuring both continuity and freshness of ideas for skits to present and audiences for whom we present. Current emphases are: 1) training and developing students to be more effective and affective in advocating change and diversity acceptance, and 2) expanding our sphere of influence by reaching a wider audience. On campus in Fall 06 we performed in 38 classes, 3 residence halls, and for Diversity Month to more than 1000 participants.  Off campus we performed in 5 elementary, 2 middle, 1 Montessori and 2 high schools; Challenge Academy; Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Western Technical College and English Lutheran Church to almost 1300 participants.  In Spring 07 we will have performed in approximately 40 classes and 2 residence halls on campus to more than 1000 participants.  Off campus we will have performed in 3 elementary, 3 middle, and 2 high schools; Technical College; 2 student church groups; Boys and Girls Club; and Challenge Academy to more than 1000 participants. The total number of skits we will have performed this year will be more than 600 (a staggering amount) to approximately 4300 participants.

    SAT students are dedicated and volunteer many hours to produce skits and present them to varied audiences.  SAT students say that the experiences they garner are unlike any other at UW-L as they develop skits in groups of 6-8, play different roles when they perform, and then try to answer audience questions as they remain in their roles. Often they play roles allowing them opportunity to experience life from a different perspective, sort of “walking in someone else’s shoes.”  Our student developed and maintained multi-page web site ( ), has narrative and pictures as well as testimonials from both students and participants.  Please join the more than 6100 people who have visited this site to better understand the marvelous job our SAT students do. We both appreciate and are very proud of leadership opportunities SAT provides us. Students’ involvement is outstanding.  I hope that the UW-L Involvement Center will share our pride and reward our positive contributions.

    Other Awards:

    Established Leader: Kelly Krohn (Elementary Education), former SAT President

    Behind the Scenes Leader: Rachel Klinner (Elementary Education), former SAT Secretary

    Emerging Leader: Deborah Talford (Psychology)

    Outstanding Volunteer: Nicholas Bakke (Broad Field Social Studies)

    Senior Excellence Award: Crystal Sornson (Elementary Education), former SAT President

    Outstanding Advisor: Bob Krajewski