At we believe that youth coaches, many of whom are volunteering their time, should have access to free coaching resources. That is why will always be free! Below are some other amazing free resources.

1. Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association: CLICK HERE to be taken to the MA Youth Soccer "Coaches Corner" website which has a huge selection of soccer plans!!

2. Jared Montz's Online Soccer Academy: CLICK HERE to be taken to the Online Soccer Academy (OSA) YouTube channel. Jared Montz is a former pro and releases a new video every week about how to improve a soccer skill in a backyard. 

3. US Youth Soccer: The Novice Coach, Volume 1 for U6 - U8: CLICK HERE Video from US Youth Soccer. The video shows some of the best youth coaches in the country working with actual players. You can see the coaches explain the activity and then watch it in action. 

4. US Youth Soccer: The Novice Coach, Volume 2 for U10 - U12: CLICK HERE Video from US Youth Soccer, same as above but with a focus on U10-U12 players. 

5. US Youth Soccer: Skills School: Video from US Youth Soccer that demonstrates how to perform the different techniques of soccer.

6. US Youth Soccer: Positive Parenting for Youth Soccer: CLICK HERE for the free YouTube video.

7. US Youth Soccer YouTube Playlist with the Positive Parenting video and the Skills Schools videos on it for free: CLICK HERE

8. Great Soccer Drills: The Baffled Parent's Guide:  CLICK HERE Book written by the "Godfathers" of US Youth Soccer. 

9. Soccer: How to Play the Game: The Official Playing and Coaching Manual of the United States Soccer Federation: An oldie but goodie.... Tough to find now. Most of the info can be found in other places. CLICK HERE

10. US Youth Soccer Player Development Model: CLICK HERE An all-inclusive curriculum for youth soccer players - AWESOME resource. 

11. The Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual: CLICK HERE Online version of a great book written by the "Godfathers" of US Youth Soccer. 

12. US Youth Soccer Skills School Manual: CLICK HERE Extensive booklet that describes the different techniques of soccer and how to perform them. 

13. Karma Go - Wifi hotspot: CLICK HERE The best wifi hotspot I have found. Data never expires so you only pay for what you use. Check out my blog post by CLICKING HERE.