This Years Festival was a fantastic success.
Thank you to everyone who came out to play and support this fabulous event.
September 3rd, 2017 Labor Day weekend. 

Soccer for Soles 3v3 Festival is a community service sporting event created by three middle school girl soccer players whose mission is to give back. Since the start, the committee has grown with more girls wanting to help out. Our committee now consists of 11 young girls excited to carry on this festival. 

"Soles" refers to the concepts of: 1) giving soccer shoes to a child who plays barefoot; and 2) souls - the principle of life, feeling, thoughts and action in human beings.

All the proceeds from the festival (team entries, sponsors, and donations) will go to the Soccer Dreams Without Borders organization which partners with the U.S. Soccer Foundation, Major League Soccer, and the Colorado Rapids.

The goal is to help children who love to play soccer get the equipment needed to play the "world's greatest game." In doing so we will provide children who play with bare feet, use rolled up rags or banana leaves for a ball, play on a dirt field or in the street the necessary soccer equipment.

Let's give back to the community through a game we all enjoy.

Love it, Live it, Play it.

Title IX Soccer For Soles Inspirational Video

*For more in depth information on the Soccer Dreams Without Boarders organization please check their website. 

The three fantastic girls who conceptualized this festival! 

Click the links below to see their interviews mmu-students-lace-up-soccer-cleats-for-kids-around-the-world 
Soccer for Soles would like to thank Phil Erb for all the professional photography
Soccer for Soles would like to thanks all the volunteers and referees for all you help and support of our event.