Representative Council

Representative Council

Irvine Valley College:

June McLaughlin, Business Sciences, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

Amy Grimm, Fine Arts, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

Diana McCullough, Guidance and Counseling, Irvine Valley College (Yolanda Gouldsmith, alternate)

Ted Weatherford, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

Brenda Borron, Humanities and Languages, Irvine Valley College (Lisa Alvarez, alternate)

Kathy Schmeidler, Life Sciences and Technologies, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

Brent Monte, Math, Computer Sciences and Engineering, Irvine Valley College (Rich Zucker, alternate)

Martha Stuffler, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Irvine Valley College (Mark McNeil, alternate)

Tony Lin, Library Services, Irvine Valley College (vacant, alternate)

Amy Stinson, Physical Science and Technology, Irvine Valley College


Saddleback College:

VACANT, Advanced Technology and Applied Science, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)

VACANT, Business Science and Economic Workforce Development, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)

Mike Long, Counseling Services, Saddleback College (Steve Handa, alternate)

Georgina Guy, Transfer, Career, and Special Programs, Saddleback College (Mike Hoggatt, alternate)

Lucas Ochoa, Fine Arts and Media Technology, Saddleback College (Joey Sellers, alternate)

Mark Blethen, Kinesiology and Athletics, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)

Michael Channing, Liberal Arts, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)

Elizabeth Horan, Online Education and Learning Resources, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)

Samantha Venable, Health Sciences and Human Services, Saddleback College (vacant, alternate)

Frank Gonzalez, Mathematics, Science and Engineering, Saddleback College (Karla Westphal, alternate)

Margot Lovett, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Saddleback College (Caroline Gee, alternate)

Rob Henry, Emeritus Institute, Saddleback College


Part-time Representatives:

Susan Bliss
Carla Reisch

Fall 2013 Representative Council Meetings:

Monday, Sept. 9, 3-5:00pm
Irvine Valley College
Room BST120

Monday, Oct. 7, 3-5:00pm
Saddleback College
Room AGB Conference Room

Monday, Nov. 4, 3-5:00pm
Irvine Valley College; President's conference room, A101

Monday, Dec. 2, 3-5:00pm
Saddleback College
Room AGB Conference Room


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