Campaign Petition

Please download the campaign petition from the link below, and encourage your group members and, where appropriate, friends to take copies 'out and about' - we need to get 10,000 signatures ASAP.  (NOTE: May need to right click the link)

Periodically, for counting and collation, please send completed petition forms to PO Box 489, Helensburgh, NSW, 2508.

Contact us if you would like a version with your groups logo on the petition or if you would like a version that includes a field for email addresses for those that sign the petition.

Petition text:

Petition - Save Our Water Catchment Areas 

To the Honourable the Speaker & Members of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales:

The Petition of the undersigned citizens and residents of NSW brings to the attention of the House an urgent need to ensure on-going water security for all citizens and residents of NSW. Mining and extraction activities inescapably entail risk, as existing damage and adverse impacts establish, and risk taking of this kind is not appropriate in the vital water catchments supplying drinking water to the residents of NSW.

The undersigned petitioners accordingly request that the Legislative Assembly enact as soon as possible, legislation to halt and exclude coal seam gas extraction, coal mining and any other mining or extraction related activity, including exploration, on or below the surface of the Sydney Catchment Authority managed Special Area lands and waterways.

The undersigned petitioners further request that, with community consultation and agreement, exclusion zones be defined, declared and enacted in legislation to likewise protect the crucial lands and waterways of other catchments in NSW, including those elsewhere in the Sydney basin region. The petitioners request a moratorium be placed as soon as possible on any current or proposed mining or extraction related activity on and in the vicinity of all NSW catchments, above and below the surface, until the enactment of the requested legislation.




nisa nsw,
Nov 28, 2011, 12:31 PM