- Who We Are -
         We are the official Southern California Chapter of the National Woodie Club.

              Since beginning in 1997, our club has grown to over 300 members.  Our goal is to promote the
              wooden car and the role it has played throughout automotive history, especially in the California
              surf culture.

              Membership is open to anyone, Woodie owner or not.

              Check out our Woodie Events Calendar. We'll keep you updated on California Woodie Events and
              Club meetings. There are links to maps to get you where you need to be.

              Woodie season is here. Enjoy! The Southern California Woodie Club has lots of events planned.  

                                                    More details will follow. And as always, Woodies Rule   



                                                       Sheldon Jones - President                                           Richard Rodriguez - Vice President

                                            1967 Morris Traveler                                                                                  1941 Ford Super Deluxe