University of California, Santa Barbara - Winter 2014

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Term Dates: January 6 - March 14

(1) Course Title:
Philosophy 296C - Seminar in Philosophy of Language

Professor: Michael Rescorla

Meeting Time and Location: Wednesdays 4:00-6:50 SH 5617

Seminar Description:  The computational theory of mind (CTM) holds that the mind is a computational system. CTM plays a large role in cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and philosophy of mind. We will examine CTM, discussing specific scientific models along with general philosophical considerations. We will examine how CTM bears upon such issues as the metaphysics of mind, mental causation, psychological explanation, and the problem of intentionality. We will be particularly concerned to understand the relation between syntax and semantics, as those notions figure in computational models of mental activity. Readings by Putnam, Fodor, Chalmers, Burge, Peacocke, Pylyshyn, Searle, and others..

(2) Course Title:
Philosophy 297A - Seminar in History of Philosophy

Professor: Thomas Holden

Meeting Time and Location: Thursdays 4:00pm - 6:50pm, SH 5617

Seminar Description: This course will examine the philosophy of David Hume (1711-76), particularly his metaphysics, his epistemology, and his philosophy of mind as expressed in the Treatise of Human Nature. We will focus first and foremost on book 1 of the Treatise ('Of the Understanding'). Although we will also consult the parallel sections of the Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding and the Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion to challenge and/or confirm our interpretation of Hume's system, the backbone of the course will be a close reading of Treatise book 1. So this will be a nuts and bolts course, examining the detailed mechanics of Hume's theoretical philosophy in the Treatise.