University of California, Riverside - Winter 2014

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Term Dates: January 6 -March 14

(1) Course
Title: Phil 282 - Kierkegaard

Professor: Mark Wrathall

Meeting Time and Location: Wednesdays, 12:10-3:00 PM - Rm. HMNSS 1605B

Seminar Description: 

This seminar will work through a number of Kierkegaard’s writings (both pseudonymous, as well as those published under his own name, and perhaps his journals).  I am particularly interested to explore Kierkegaard’s views on subjectivity, modernity, irony, love, happiness, and the temporality of human existence.

(2) Course Title: Phil 283 - Personal Identity and the Self 

Professor: John Perry

Meeting Time and Location: 1:10-4:00 PM Mondays - Rm. HMNSS 1605B

Seminar Description: We will discuss issues of self-knowledge and personal identity, looking at historical and contemporary sources (Locke, Hume, Kant; Shoemaker, Nagel, Parfit, etc.).  I will argue in favor of the view of self-knowledge I have advanced in various places (E.g., “The Sense of Identity,” (link below), and explore what relevance it has for accounts of personal identity). 

(3) Course Title: Phil 283 - Death and Immortality

Professor: John Martin Fischer

Meeting Time and Location: Thursdays, 2:10-5:00 PM - Rm. HMNSS 1605B

Seminar Description:  

We will focus on the metaphysical and normative issues pertaining to immortality: how to define immortality, would it be necessarily boring and unattractive, would it necessarily lack the structure of a recognizably human life?  We will explore other questions relevant to death and immortality, perhaps using readings from the recent Oxford Handbook on the Philosophy of Death.