The Southern California Philosophy Consortium

Welcome to the Southern California Philosophy Consortium! Our aim is to facilitate high-quality philosophical engagement among graduate students and faculty in southern California through improved interdepartmental coordination. To this end, we are making available information about upcoming graduate seminars, colloquia, and conferences in the area. We intend this resource to be of service both to graduate students who would like to take greater advantage of the vast educational opportunities available in the region and to faculty who might appreciate an expanded forum in which philosophy professors and graduate students could work collaboratively, for example, to develop collaborative workshops and joint seminars. Please explore the links to the left to learn more, and keep in mind that as this project is in its fledgling stages and we ourselves are graduate students with limited experience in such endeavors, we would welcome (and appreciate!) any comments or suggestions for improvement.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We'd like to congratulate John Martin Fischer who has been awarded a five million dollar grant to study aspects of immortality, including near-death experiences and the impact of belief in an afterlife on human behavior. Dr. Fischer has been an avid supporter of our SCPC project, and we'd like to wish him the best of luck with his new project! For more information, visit:

How To Use This Site

In order to view listed seminar offerings, arranged in alphabetical order by host institution, click on the link to the left entitled “Current and Upcoming Graduate Seminars.” 

If you’re only interested in viewing seminars offerings for a specific department, click on the arrow directly to the left of the aforementioned link and select the relevant program. The information for colloquia and conferences is organized in the same fashion; to the view this information, follow the instructions stated above mutatis mutandis

If you would like to view colloquia and conferences by date instead of by host institution, see our “Calendar of Philosophy Events.” Following the links under “Participating Programs” will take you directly to the respective department website.

Please keep in mind that the course and event listings are for informational purposes only. You should contact the professor or event organizer for permission to attend.

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