Tips and Tactics

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This section contains content about "what works" for persons with FASD. The content comes from families with a loved one affected by FASD, or from others who know someone affected by prenatal alcohol exposure. Each page (see sub-pages, below) in this section contains one or more suggestions that may be helpful. (Note: Some sub-pages contain sub-sections containing sub-pages of their own.)

  • Do you have a tip, resource or a strategy for living with, working with, teaching, coaching, or coping with any challenge you have faced when supporting a person who is affected with FASD? If so, please send it to the webmaster. We'll post just your first name, so you're privacy will remain safe.
  • If you are a person who has FASD, please tell the webmaster what works for you! Our network greatly appreciates your contributions here!
  • If you have a tip, resource or a strategy especially pertinent to a local area in Southern California, you may also notify the webmaster about it.