FASD Through the Lifespan

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This section contains sub-pages addressing how individuals with FASD are affected by the condition during different stages in their lives. Click on a sub-page link to view the page.

Useful Links

Strategies for Addressing FASD - A 1-page chart that lists challenges, across the lifespan, for individuals with FASD and strategies to help address those challenges.
Developmental Overview of FAS/E Through the Eyes of Parents
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: A Parents Guide to Caring for a Child Diagnosed with FAS
Who Has to Change? Trying Their Hardest, Doing Their Best! What It Is Like to Live with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Executive Functioning, A PDF of a slide presentation discussing the kinds of deficits in this area that are characteristic of alcohol-related brain damage. May be useful in working with a clinician, teacher or others in describing the individual's adaptive function challenges.
Social Thinking - Paradigm and Training for Persons with Brain-Based Interpersonal Challenges
FASD Signs and Symptoms Through the Lifespan
Health and Safety
Special FASD Issues
FASD and the Family
Tips and Tactics
Telling Your Child He Has an FASD
University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine Center for Disabilities "Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Handbook"
About FASD
Journey Through the Healing Circle A series of four videos for caregivers and family members of children who may have been exposed to alcohol during pregnancy. They use a traditional Native American storytelling approach. FASD is broached in a non-threatening, respectful manner.