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Understanding the Organizational Level of SCAA


NFAA - National Field Archery Association is the organization at the national level.

CBH/SAA - California Bowman Hunters/ State Archery Association is the organization at the state level.

SCAA - Southern California Archery Association  is one of several regions at the local level of the organization.

 The Southern California Archery Association is one of several local regions in California, Region CA63, acting as a liaison between archers within the organization. The NFAA is the national organization and the CBH is the state organization affiliated with the NFAA.  Every archer in California has an opportunity to be heard at the state and national levels through the local associations. All the officers and board members are elected and donate their time as volunteers.   

 The SCAA members are involved in all areas of archery. Discussions at the local, state and national level include shooting rules, archery equipment, bow hunting regulations, tournaments, record keeping, club charters and safety. Every year representatives from all the local regions meet to discuss and vote on what becomes the state and national shooting and tournament rules.

In the Southern California area you become a member of the SCAA when you join a club in this region. Clubs within the SCAA include Conejo Valley Archers, DC Archery, Pasadena Roving Archers, Santa Ynez Valley Bow Club, South Bay Archers, TLC Archery, Traditional Bowhunters and Verdugo Hills Archers.

Every archer is encouraged to join the NFAA and CBH/SAA organizations. All archers are welcome and every style of archery is supported. Whether you prefer a traditional bow, a compound high-tech bow, and everything in between you are welcome. Hunters, non-hunters, paper target aficionados, adults, youths and children are representative of the organizations members.


s archers, to make your wishes known and to make sure your rights are upheld, you must make your voice heard. Your membership in the NFAA and the CBH/SAA means you are heard and you become one more vote supporting archery.