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2016 IBO West Coast Tournament

                                                                                                                                photos compliments of Sharon - feel free to download. Sharing is the fun part.

Aura was taking photos all day



   Lori, Karen, Debbie and friends.







    John - the Wizard of the cook                  shack






   Gracie checking out the bee in the grass

Bill staking down the targets. Bill brings his quad to to carry targets and stake them down.

  Bill setting up the targets

    Bill, Ryan and Ricky put up and took down all the all the targets. Ryan helped with half going up, but had to go to work. (below)

   The last targets on the hill were staked down after dark and came down early evening.



     Mike Rash from IBO
   Shoot out spectators (George & Jerry on left)

    Ryan looing for lost arrow

             Scorint the finals
Ryan looking for another lost arrow









The tires were stacked up as a backstop by Roland (photo on the right) 
       Roland then filled the tires with dirt so the mosquitoes    could not breed and it keeps the snakes out of the tires

 The perfect weekend  had a perfect ending. You can see the look of surprise on Ryan's face. Gary McCain, the first place winner was awarded his one of a kind Legends bow. Gary gave it to Ryan. Ryan is a very special young man who came to the range about year ago to learn how to shoot. He turned around and taught the children in the beginning archery class. He worked at the range, plus attended all the work parties. He did all this before becoming a member. He is a student and works part time, so it took him some time to save enough to become a member.  Congratulations and thank you to Gary and the IBO for such a fantastic day of shooting.                                      

 Thank you IBO