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2015 Beginning Archery Class November

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        photos courtesy of Sharon

  Bill shows up early to set up for class
 Bill giving a lesson to 5 year old Makayla

   Giving the troops a pep talk on archery

          Second look at great shot

                         Ryan helping to sort arrows
                    Ryan and more arrow sorting


 Miss M out there soring pulled arrows
      Bill at end of class putting away equipment
   Return equipment to bin and do repairs

Trees surviving the drought thanks to many helpers at the range including Jerry Hartman and Roland.

 Every year this tree is in full bloom at the range
  Thank you to those putting on the archery class,
  Bill, Ryan Michelle and Sharon.
  Thank you Earl for making strings and Bill for
  repairing arrows, fixing arm guards, tabs and
  everything else needing repair for the class. Also,
  to Bill for letting us use his personal bows and
  Donation of bows for the little archers are
  always needed. Right now the little ones have
  to share bows. We also need more left
  handed bows.  Last, thank you to all the big
  people who bring out family and friends to our