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CBH Annual meeting January 20 - 21, 2012 photos

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Old Photo's Malibu1  


  Cal State Long Beach Tournament

Raising funds to send team to out
of state venue.

The archers must raise money if they wish to travel to other states to compete.

Mike Burnham is the CSLB Coach 
  SCAA Tournament

Steve Lindsey (left)

John Patriarca

Scott Moore 

Bill Simpson (far right)

Group photos SCAA raising funds.
Ron Hunt, President SCAA shaking hands
with Ralph Ward on left.

Verdugo Hills Archers hosted the event.
The road to Malibu range.

Developers bought the historic archery range to cover the area with mansions. So far the City Council has not allowed the mansions to be built. A small stream is the only water for wildlife for miles.

The wealthy can live anywhere. Building here no only cuts of drinking water for the animals but removes vegetation. Malibu Mountain Archery would be nearly 80 years old if it had been allowed to live.



The road to Malibu range
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