Does your archery range need an interest free loan?

    Loans are available from the CALIFORNIA ARCHERY FOUNDATION.

        Loans are available to archers and archery ranges in California in need of a loan.

            When you pay your taxes and need another deduction, donate to the CAF. Help yourself and other archers!

           Scholarships are granted to help with Summer Camp ~ Safety Training ~ Becoming an Archery Instructor and more.

        The C A F is an independent charitable foundation. The CBH/SAA approves their collection of funds for archery.
      The C A F will review all requests. For some ranges, this may be the difference between staying in business and closing.

                   Donations: Send your C A F donation to Kathy Budding, 12 Joan Drive, American Canyon, CA 94503

                        For more information call 707-280-8099 and ask for an application.