First, read these instructions about how to do assignments.  All quizzes are on Blackboard.

Part I
  1. Quick demo of some simple analysis we'll do in this class
  2. The Brave New World of Data: readingassignment 01
  3. Create some data in Excel: video, reading, assignment 02, quiz a
  4. Introduction to data -- cases and variables: reading, video, quiz b
  5. Create some data to show the magic of compound interest: videoassignment 03
  6. Levels of measurement: reading, quiz c
  7. How much celebrities are paid: quiz d
  8. Summarizing variables using measures of central tendency: readingvideo
  9. Summarizing variables with histograms: video, readingquiz e
  10. Summarizing celebrity pay with measures of central tendency, frequency distributions & histograms: assignment 04, quiz f
  11. Summarizing gender inequality among the top celebrities: assignment 05
  12. Explore your career prospects as a sociology or criminal justice major: assignment 06
  13. Estimating the financial return to a college education: readingquiz g
  14. Combining data from two places using the VLOOKUP command: assignment 07
  15. "Damn Yankees": Creating bar charts of baseball team payrolls: assignment 08
  16. Which city has the best climate? Examining variation in averages and variation in variation (not a typo): assignment 9, quiz j
  17. Provide anonymous feedback about the class so far using this online survey 
  18. Quarter Test 1: reading (1) and reading (2)

Part II

  1. Calculating and interpreting rates, in particular crime rates: reading
    1. Crime rates across New Jersey: videoassignment 9quiz i
    2. The (mis)behavior of rates in small places: assignment 10
  2. Analyzing trends 
  3. Crosstabs and chi-square tests: Who admits to cheating on their spouse: assignment 16
  4. Generalizing from a (smaller) sample to a (larger) population: reading, quiz k
  5. Venus and Mars? How do men and women's attitudes differ? assignment 17, quiz L
  6. Gender at William Paterson: more practice with crosstabs: reading, quiz m
  7. Review frequency distributions and cross-tabulations: reading
  8. Quarter Test 2: reading

Part III
  1. Do taller parents have taller kids?  Introduction to scatterplots: assignment 18
  2. Introduction to correlations:  videoreading
  3. Drinking and grades: scatterplots, regression lines and correlations: assignment 19, quiz o
  4. Prices of used cars: more scatterplots and regressions! assignment 20, quiz p
  5. Prices of NYC condos: more about bivariate regression: assignment 21, quiz q
  6. Find "Professor Kickass" (an outlier) using data from RateMyProfessor: assignment 22, quiz r
  7. Returns to education redux: quiz s
  8. Quarter Test 3: reading

Part IV
  1. Predicting a presidential election:
  2. In preparation for the next assignment, learn about the if function: assignment 25
  3. Confidence intervals for averages: Does number of sex partners vary by gender? assignment 26
  4. Apply your data analysis skills to learn about global terrorism: assignment 27, quiz v
  5. What do people look for in a mate?  Review skills from the beginning of the semester by doing quiz x
  6. Come up with your own research question and answer it: assignment 28 
Final exam: readingdiagram