The Treehaus

Welcome to the Treehaus! That's German for... um... PASS!

Soaring Platypus Productions is dedicated to getting some Platypi up in the air, where limits restrain nothing! Please, watch our videos and other creations to make a better future for the semi-aquatic mammal of New <Insert Country Name Here>! So far we have found some very strange videos apparently left to us from the future, along with some old building full of lore that really doesn't belong here.
The Library, Science Lab, and Videos of Humor are now open! Go now, little guests. Swarm the new pages with your quantity! So far we have... three or four. EXCELLENT! Currently, Wave, Leo, and Astro are actively updating the site!

This site is really starting to "Soar!" Now with the videos entering production, we have seven progressing ways to keep you entertained (Four of which right now involve... reading! *Gasp!*). And maybe sometime soon, everyone will learn what the quotation marks around "Soar" was hinting to! It won't make much sense until we get the other stuff underway, though...
    Videos of Humor: Hmm... How odd. While chaperoning a Kindergarden field trip, we found some kind of silver mask, an amulet, and something about some gigantic prophecy about the fate of the world. What's really interesting, though, is that there were a bunch of videos with them... We'll keep uploading them as we find them!
    The Library: Due to a mishap in the locational sense, you've found an astounding well of knowledge semi-never-experienced before! Whether you like the taste of action or comedy, you'll sure to find something to read in the Library!
    Room of Boredom: Right now filled with free flash games we found. Occasionally, we link some stuff to the bottom that can't properly be embedded.
    Meet SPP: A page filled with our bios! Come here to learn more about us, and just how we came to think that expressing our randomness online was a 'good' idea! This page also contains the FAQ, which stands for Frequently Asked Questions (Or Frazzled Avocado Quests on Tuesdays). You can also find a platypedia here, to further educate yourselves on our lore!
    Game Nights: Various members of SPP have made videos of them playing games for other sites. They'll also be posted here, just in case you couldn't get enough of us already!

Please Note: We do not intend to offend anyone with anything we post here. If you find something offensive, please do not scream at us for it--we wouldn't add something here just to annoy people.

Current Members of SPP: Astro, Aerial, Wave, Leo.
Accomplices of SPP: Quill Pen, Electric Gar, Dawn Marbles.
This site is pretty unbasic.