Note: This site has been replaced by a better one.  Please post all new classified ads at: www.glidersource.com.  It is a very nice, database driven site.  It is much easier to use than this site is.  Thank you Bill Palmer for making the new site available!


Paul Remde
Cumulus Soaring, Inc.


This site was created by Paul Remde of Cumulus Soaring, Inc. to allow soaring pilots around the world to post their own soaring classified adds - for free! 
To add items to this site you need to login using a specific username and password.  Please send me an e-mail at paul@remde.us and I will provide them to you.
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To help sell your item as quickly as possible it is important it expose it to the largest audience possible.  Posting it here is a good start.  I also recommend that after posting it here you post a note to the rec.aviation.soaring newsgroup announcing that details and photos have been added to this site.  The rec.aviation.soaring newsgroup is read by soaring pilots around the world and is available here: rec.aviation.soaring.  I recommend including a link to the specific page on this site on which the item is located.