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Flying From 
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 Flight Log
 10/11/09 Jim Hard
 Schweizer SGS 1-26A Stanton, MN (SYN)
 Thermal soaring flight to near Merrill WI, 143.38 statute miles. Long-time crew chief Roger Payne chased the pilot across Wisconsin landscape to an alfalfa field 10 miles SE of Merrill. Overcast sky slowed the flight as the pilot flew from sunny area to sunny area. Uneventful retrieve from Mennonite farm field with the help of local teenage boys who had never been close to a glider before. 
 9/13/09 Dan Johnson Ventus CM 17.6m Menomonie Municipal, WI 249.9 km flight
 9/8/09 Paul Campobasso
L-13 Ames, IA
 CFIG rating
I heard from the Pete and Paul who are on the lines at the sourthern front in Ames, Iowa that Paul Campobasso got his CFIG this afternoon
Congratulations, Paul !!
By the way, Paul told me that during his checkout in the Silent Knight's Blanik L-13 just prior to his checkride, he had an honest-to-goodness rope break at 200'...  it took Paul and the CFIG he was with by surprise...  everyone has a story to tell about their checkride... (From Woody Minar)
 9/7/09 Dan Johnson
 Ventus CM 17.6m Menomonie Municipal, WI 168.84 km (OLC Classic)
 I am turning into a lazy old guy. When the day looked hopeless for the task I'd defined, I just flew the weak streets. (From Dan Johnson)
 8/31/09 Darryll Dodson
 L-13Ames, IA
 Private Pilot, Glider rating

 Starting next weekend, the Pilatus is going to be another step closer to being harder to fly... Darryll Dodson is our newest Private Pilot and he'll be vying for it's use .... he greased his oral and his checkride today in Ames, Iowa.... and he didn't throw up on the way down there or on the way back so that was a plus... When I picked him up in St. Paul at 6:40 this morning he said he was doing good but when we were downwind in Ames at 8:00 he said "Now I'm getting nervous"... I didn't think my flying was THAT bad!   Oh, ya, checkride jitters...
Congratulations Darryll !!!!! (From Woody Minar)
 8/30/09 Mark Hilse
 L-13 Osceola, WI (OEO)
 First Solo in Glider
Congratulations Mark!!!!!

 8/29/09 Jim Hard
 Schweizer SGS 1-26A Faribault, MN (FBL)  A downwind dash of 179.7 miles from FBL to Vinton IA southeast of Waterloo. 4:18 Cold front passage the previous day resulted in a NNW flow with turbulent thermals and generally ragged Cu, though there were some large clouds forming occasionally during the day at 5000+ MSL. Crew Chief Roger Payne stayed with the flight all day. OLC
 8/22/09 Dan Johnson
 Ventus CM 17.6m Menomonie Municipal, WI216.86 km triangle
 Steve Kennedy
 PilatusOsceola, WI
 Silver distance (101.5 km) Flight from OEO to Menomonie Municipal, WI  OLC
 8/18/09 Jim Hard
 Schweizer SGS 1-26A Faribault, MN (FBL)  3:50 flight to near SYN then Zumbrota, Plainview, Winona, and to a landing at Holland Air Park north of LaCrosse. 113 OLC miles.Late starting day with difficult-to-work thermals. Followed the best part of the sky to make maximum distance even though this was not straight downwind. Crew Chief R. Payne stayed close all the way.
 8/18/09 Chris Prince
 Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI 5:20 flight to Escanaba, MI (295 miles)
Details are here
  7/19/09 Steve Kennedy
 Pilatus Osceola, WI Silver distance badge attempt; 126.06 km (OLC Classic)
This was Steve's first major cross-country flight. Congratulations Steve!
  7/19/09 Dan Johnson Ventus CM 17.6m Menomonie Municipal, WI 395.41 km triangle (OLC classic)
Got low out of the lift band at Shell Lake. Sigh.
  7/19/09 Chris Prince
 Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI
  283.86 miles (456.83 km; OLC Classic) rectangle course
This was my first closed-course flight of 275 miles or more. For more details see writeup
 Dan Johnson
 Ventus CM 17.6m Menomonie Municipal, WI FAI triangle: KLUM - KCBG - KSSQ - KLUM (Menomonie-Cambridge-Shell Lake-Menomonie). 351.04 km (OLC Classic)
I got pretty low over I-35 between Stacy and North Branch, due to a shift in the upper-level winds that put the thermals on the west side of clouds rather than the north, where they'd been - missed 2 clouds in a row and then it was time to scratch.
 7/2/09        Jim Hard
 Schweizer SGS 1-26A Faribault, MN (FBL)  103.83 mile flight from near FBL to south of Ridgeway Iowa on a late-starting short soaring day. The day started totally overcast but Crew Chief Roger Payne and I went to the airport anyway. By noon there still was no significant clearing but by 1:00 Cu was forming locally. (Moral - never give up on a day.) Launch at 1:15 with low cloud bases but left the area shortly after reaching 4000 MSL. Flew to Dodge Center, Grand Meadows, Lime Springs IA, getting as high as 5400 MSL but got shot down in a blue hole near Ridgeway just after 4:00. Roger was behind me only a few miles and found his way to my landing spot which was the only hay field in the area. Three local concrete workers showed up at the end of their work day and assisted greatly in the trailering. Our thanks to Sam, Al, and Pat for their help. Home by 9:30 pm.OLC
 6/20/09  Chris Prince Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI (OEO)
 The flight was 232.52 miles (374.21 km; OLC Classic) flown at an average of 37.44 mph (60.26 km/h) in about 6 1/4 hours. Walt Johnson Crewed. Writeup
 6/20/09    Jim Hard
 Schweizer SGS 1-26AFaribault, MN (FBL)
A flight of 133.62 miles from near FBL to a hay field near Fairchild WI. 4:47.
JC Cunningham served as Crew Chief on this flight which started at about 1:15 pm under a blue sky. We stayed within radio contact continuously. The first two hours was very slow with only 36 miles covered. After that, we reached the Cu which had been tantalizingly close but always out of reach. Flying east and roughly following US 10, we passed Durand, Mondovi, Osseo, and finally Fairchild, all in Wisconsin. At Fairchild a 15-mile stretch of unlandable forest separated the flight from the the Neilsville WI airport, our next destination. However, the day began to die early, presumably from the rain in this area during the previous five days. So, the only choice was to land near Fairchild and the specific location chosen was the exact field and the exact point in this field used a week earlier by Kathleen Winters on her outlanding. The only problem with the current situation was that the field owners were not home and could not turn off the electric fence so that we could retrieve the glider. Events that followed this discovery of the missing land owner, comprise a story all its own which is now referred to as "The Saga of the Electric Fence." To make a long story less tedious, the search for a way to get the fence de-energized took about 5 hours. We got home after midnight.OLC
 6/15/09 Chris Prince
 Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI The flight was a total of 132.08 miles (212.56 km; OLC Classic) flown at an average of 46.14mph (74.26 km/h). The flight duration was about 3 hours.I was attempting a 200 mile triangle, but landed near Prairie Farm, WI in a corn field after my 2nd turnpoint. Crew: Andy Power. For more details (and pictures of the emergency vehicles attending the "crash")--
 6/15/09    Darryll Dodson   
 Blanik L-13
 Osceola, WI
 First solo; instructor-- Woody Minar
 6/14/09 Chris Prince Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI The flight was about 2.5 hours, with a total distance of 116.28 miles (187.14 km; OLC Classic) flown at an average of 49.25 mph (79.26 km/h). I was attempting an out and return, but landed near Independence, WI in an alfalfa field on the way back. Crew: Darryll Dodson. For more details: Writeup
 6/14/09 Jim Hard Schweizer SGS 1-26A Faribault, MN (FBL)
Thermal soaring flight from FBL to Medford WI, 163.80 OLC Classic miles, 5:07
 A late start for a x-country flight, 1:15 CDT. Crew Chief Dick Huber stayed in radio contact the entire way. Some overdevelopment 2-hrs into the flight and blue holes later kept the average speed down. Good reception at the Medford airport with many willing hands to help with trailering. Home by 11:00 PM.OLC
 6/13/09   Tim Traynor   
 Osceola, WI 234 km (OLC Classic)
 Wimped out on my 300K triangle plans again. I had a hard time thermaling today. Cottonwood seeds saved me several times and I flew beneath a "tornado".

 6/11/09    Kathleen Winters
 Libelle Stanton, MN (SYN)
 202.52 km (OLC Classic)
 SYN to hayfield 20 miles west of Neilsville Airport, WI.  Fun flight but a workout --with great lift in portions -- because of overcast and overdevelopment. Thanks to Jim, crew. P.S. Landed on a nice field owned by a lovely farm family of 8 children.
 6/9/09 Tom Binger
 L-13 Osceola, WI (OEO)
 Achieved CFIG rating.  
 6/4/09 Jim Hard
 Schweizer SGS 1-26A
 Stanton, MN (SYN)
 Thermal soaring flight from Stanton MN to Merrill WI. 191.47 OLC miles. 5:25Just another cross-country soaring flight on a good day in the Upper Midwest with light winds. Roger Payne acted as Crew Chief. He stayed in close contact with the pilot throughout the entire flight. Blue sky at the start and at the end of the flight. Cu with bases above 8000 MSL was enjoyed for several hours. Airport management at Merrill welcomed the glider pilots to the airport. Returned home by 11:00 pm.
 6/3/09 Dan Johnson Ventus CM 17.6m  Menomonie Municipal, WI239.21 km (OLC Classic)
 6/3/09 Chris Prince
Schweizer SGS 1-35
 Osceola, WI381.43 km (OLC Classic)
I was attempting a 275 mile out & return, but lost altitude and ideas 50 miles out of OEO (near Colfax, WI), and landed in an alfalfa field. Thanks to crew, Steve Kennedy.
Detailed writeup and images.
 5/24/09    Steve Kennedy
 Pilatus B4
 Osceola, WI
 Osceola Short Course; For description of short course see:
 5/24/09 Dan JohnsonVentus CM 17.6m
 Menomonie Municipal, WI110.08 km triangle
 5/24/09 Chris Prince Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI268.56 miles (432.21 km; OLC classic); 63.29 km/h, with a soaring duration of 6:49:45. This was my longest duration soaring flight, and my first trip to South Dakota. Thanks to crew, Walt Johnson.
Here's a more detailed writeup.
 5/22/09 Chris Prince
 Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI 117.17 miles (188.56 km; OLC Classic) at an average speed of 30.6 mph (49.24 km/h). 
 5/17/09    Dick Andrews and Fred Hewitt
 DG 1000/20m Stanton, MN
 326.49 km OLC
 5/17/09 Chris Prince    
 Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI
 414.68 km (258 miles) closed course flight in  6.25 hours.
 Turnpoints: 1) Grantsburg, 2) Shell Lake, 3) a few miles West of Independence, WI, and 4) Osceola, WI. Crew: Dick Beggs
Tow: Tim Roska
Here's a more complete writeup.

This flight achieved three WI state records for "Distance up to 3 TPs".
 5/17/09 Dan Johnson
 Ventus CM 17.6m
Menomonie Municipal, WI 
 378.77 km triangle
 5/17/09 Kathleen Winters  Libelle Stanton
 361 km  Struggled in blue the first part of the flight, landed at Clintonville Airport. Thanks to crew Jim.  OLC
 5/11/09     Tim Traynor
 Osceola, WI  293 km (OLC Classic)
 With the good forecast I toyed with the idea of a 300K triangle, however, with high clouds moving in from the west I thought best to fly conservatively given I had no crew available. It did get very hazy with quite a bit of OD.

 5/6/09 Dan JohnsonVentus CM 17.6m Menomonie Municipal, WI  115.7 km  http://www.onlinecontest.org/olc-2.0/segelflugszene/flightinfo.html?flightId=410411783
 5/3/09     Dick Andrews and Fred HewittDG 1000/20m
 Stanton, MN
 391.98 km  OLC

 Troy Pongratz
 Pilatus B4  Osceola, WI
 Silver Altitude
 5/3/09    Woody Minar
   Ames, IA
 Achieved CFIG rating.
 5/3/09  Don Depree
 Libelle  Osceola, WI
 280 km triangle
 5/3/09 Mike Finegan PIK-20B Osceola, WI Osceola Short Course at 43 mph; For description of short course see:
 5/3/09    Mike Finegan
 Osceola, WI
 288K flight for WI record for speed around a 200K triangle (50mph)
 Launched from OEO, flew to near Spring Valley WI, Rice Lake WI and back to OEO.  Had extra altitude and the lift was still working, so flew the Osceola Short Task as well.

This flight achieved two WI state records for 200km speed triangle.
 5/2/09 Dan Johnson Ventus CM 17.6mMenomonie Municipal, WI 
 100.79 km triangle
Chris Prince
 Schweizer SGS 1-35  Osceola, WI  224.07 miles (OLC Classic) in 6 hours 7 minutes.   I was attempting a 250 mile closed course flight and made it about 20 miles into the last leg when I had to put it down in a field 5 miles West of Rush City. Writeup (HTML).  
 Steve Kennedy  Pilatus B4  Osceola, WI  Silver Duration    
  5/2/09   Tim Traynor  Russia
 Osceola, WI  192.69 km (OLC Classic)
 Struggled into the wind from OEO to about 10 mile south of Mora.Turned back east due to some OD and eventually found a nice cloud street but it OD'd and turned to heavy sink resulting in a field landing near Turtle Lake. Many thanks owed to Paul and Darryl for retrieving me!

 5/1/09      Dick Andrews
 DG 1000/20m Stanton, MN
 261.06 km  OLC
 5/1/09  Steve Kennedy
 Pilatus B4
 Osceola, WI  Silver Altitude
 4/11/09  Chris Prince    
 Schweizer SGS 1-35
 Osceola, WI
 108 miles in 3.5 hours
 Launched from OEO, flew to Cambridge, MN, Princeton, MN, Milaca, MN, Mora, MN, Hinckley, MN then landed in a farmers field 7 miles South of Hinckley. Writeup (HTML).