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Flight Log 
 2008 Jim Hard
 Schweizer SGS 1-26  Henry Combs Trophy 2008 Recipient for the Central Zone, for most Diamond Distance straight out flights.  
 2008 Chris Prince
 Schweizer SGS 1-35  Henry Combs Trophy 2008 Recipient for the Central Zone, for most Diamond Distance straight out flights.  
 2008        Jim Hard
 Schweizer SGS 1-26 Various Jim has won the Region 7 OLC for 2008. Congratulations Jim!
 See the web site.
 11/17/08 Kelsey Campobasso L-13         Osceola, WI, OEO Private Pilot, Glider
 It is with great pleasure (and pride) that I announce Kelsey Campobasso has successfully completed her goal of passing her Private Pilot Glider check ride today. It was quite a blustery day to say the least. The temps never reached 30 and winds were 10 with gusts to nearly 20, with an occasional snow squall to boot. Burrrrrrr.
This was quite a day for Kelsey. She completed her Trifecta. That’s turning 16, getting her MN drivers license and her private pilot’s license, all in one day! I’m still exhausted thinking about it!!!
A special thanks to Pete Kroll for all the work he did to help prepare Kelsey and, Lee Bradshaw for withstanding the blustery weather in the tow plan (and the extra flights given to Kelsey in his powered fleet over the years). And of course all the tow pilots, instructors and club members for helping Kelsey reach this goal. I thank you all.
p.s. Andrew Wood said this was the first 16 year birthday exam and definitely the coldest check ride he has ever done! (Reported by Paul Campobasso).

 10/27/08    Kathleen Winters
 Libelle 201 Stanton, MN
 90 miles to Church Airport in northern Iowa, about 2 hours. A rough ride: high winds, low cloudbases, rapid overdevelopment, snow flurries, and cold cockpit.  I was delighted to land at Church, heaven sent.  Thanks to Hank, tow pilot, and Jim, crew. 
 10/19/08 Tom Moore L-13 Osceola, WI, OEO  A-Badge, First Solo!!!! Rumor has it, Tom had 8 tows on Sunday. That has to be a record!!
 10/19/08Steve Kennedy
 Osceola, WI, OEO  I awarded Steve his C Badge this afternoon. He aced the requirements. 
Jim Hard
 10/18/08 Steve Kennedy
 Pilatus B4    
 Osceola, WI, OEO  Checkout and first 2 flights in the Pilatus 
 10/18/08  Troy Pongratz  L-13
 Osceola, WI, OEO  Successfully passed his checkride for his Private Pilot – Glider Rating.
 Flight on 7/13/08     
 Chris Prince
 Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI, OEO 338 miles, 5.6 hrs; OLC Classic This flight made 2 WI state soaring records in the Free Distance category (open, 15-m) (Record reported by Kurt Strong, WI state record keeper, on 10/9/08.)
 10/4/08 Tom Binger, Steve Kennedy, Dick Beggs
 Blanik L-13
  Osceola, WI, OEO  Congratulations go out to three newly rated RWSA pilots today! Tom Binger achieved his Commercial Glider rating! Steve Kennedy and Dick Beggs achieved their Private Pilot Glider ratings! I know all three have been working very hard this summer so their efforts have paid off! Congratulations to all! 
 9/15/08 Jim Hard Schweizer SGS 1-26A Osceola, WI, OEO 155. 42 OLC flight from OEO to Merrill WI The flight - An overcast morning showed some blue sky by 10:00 and 800 AGL scattered by 11:30. Cloudbase went up high enough to launch at 1:40 pm, a very late start for a x-country flight. Thermals were good all the way to the destination, Merrill, WI. One strong thermal, 500 fpm, was timed. Generally the thermals were 300-400 fpm. No serious problems during the flight. Landing was deliberately made short of the hard-surface runway in a grassy area that was made for the 1-26. Landing time 5:53 pm CDT. The moral - Never give up on a day. OLC
 As of 8/31/08    
 Jim Hard    
 Schweizer SGS 1-26 Various Various As of this date, Jim Hard is the pilot to beat for the 2008 Region 7 OLC champion.
 Kelsey Campobasso
 N/A N/A  Kelsey has now passed the written portion of her FAA glider pilots license. Congratulations Kelsey! Kelsey is 15 years of age.
 Flight on 7/4/08    
 Chris Prince
 Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI 251.67 miles (OLC Classic)  This flight made 6 Wisconsin state soaring records in the Free 3-Turnpoint Distance category (open, 15-m, sports), and the Distance up to 3 TP (open, 15-m, sports) categories. (Record reported by Kurt Strong, WI state record keeper, on 8/21/08).
 8/17/08   Chris Prince  Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI 154.41 miles (248.50 km OLC Classic) in 4.3 hrs
 Bill Argyros towed, and Walt Johnson and Richard Weil crewed. I made a partial triangle, flying to Chetek, WI to  Tarrant, WI, and landing at Boyceville, and in general found the conditions better than I expected for August. More details are here.
 Flight on  9/14/07   
Kathleen Winters  Libelle 201 Faribault, MN
 Faribault A/P to Monmouth Airport, IL, 309.92 sm, or 498.75 km (507.97 olc pts), Duration: 5:41 Flight is reported on Paul Remde's site.
This flight was awarded the Anne Morrow Lindbergh Challenge Trophy, for the longest soaring flight other than record and contest flights by a female glider pilot in the USA.
 8/9/08    Chris Prince
 Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI
 145.49 miles (234.15 km; OLC classic) in 4.75 hrs
 Al Grayson towed, and Walt Johnson crewed. I spent quite a bit of the flight struggling though did get at least one very nice 5 knot thermal. I was hoping for an out & return to Bangor, WI (near La Crosse, WI), but didn't make it much further North once I rounded my turnpoint. More details are here.
 8/7/08 Pilot: Fred Hewitt;
Passenger:  Jim Hard
  DG-1000 Stanton, MN
 About 4 hours. 140.4 sm.
 Thermal soaring flight on a day that started with weak thermals but with the promise of better conditions. Set out to the SW but had to change course because of blue skies to the west. Ended up going south of Albert Lea as far as we dared before turning toward home. The day got good enough late to get as high as about 6700 MSL permitting a straight-in final glide of about 30 miles. Flight duration about 4 hours.

This flight qualified for a 2-place State of Minnesota Out-and-Return distance record of 140.4 statute miles.
Flight on 6/21/08
 Tim Gossfeld ASW-27 Faribault, MN 200 km triangle speed record of 50.85 mph
 New Minnesota State Soaring Record in the General / 15 m category! (Record reported by Paul Remde on 8/7/08).
7/26/08 Don De Pree
 Libelle         Osceola, WI    
 Don landed at Stanton, MN, thus retrieving the Delbert!!After launch I hung around OEO for awhile hoping Kathleen would join me but took off when I saw her land. The thermals were squirrelly and there was clearly luck involved in hitting them. The clouds were all liars. I often found lift quite a way north of them as the wind aloft was northerly though it became westerly later in the day. I learned to approach the clouds from the north and would hit the lift before I got there, circling in the blue and watching my cloud evaporate only to look above me and see a cloud where there hadn't been one before. I got really low -1800 AGL- right over the Red Wing Airport and watched Chris Prince put his glider in the trailer. I called Chris several times on 123.5 and I understand he also called me, but, as I discovered later I was having radio issues. I was a couple of hundred feet from joining Chris on the ground but stumbled into some weak lift right over the river. I was able to scratch back up to 4k and then hit just one more thermal over Vasa. At just under 5k MSL with 19 miles to go into a light headwind the sky turned flat and I had a long and rather nervous final glide. Bless the Libelle; it did everything the book said it would. I arrived at 7-800 AGL and did a right pattern to 36. Fred Hewitt met me with the golf cart and JC was already there with my trailer even though we hadn't spoken since I took off. I've got the first part of the Delbert at my house. Tom Kuhfeld has the other part; he hasn't had time to get the engraving done for his flight. He graciously offered to get my name added at the same time. The lift was weaker in the south.  I understand no one from Stanton went anywhere though there were several launches.
Flight on 5/11/08
 Brian Utley
 DG-800B     Stanton, MN
Free 3-Turnpoint Distance record of 258.4 miles New Minnesota State Soaring Record in the Motorglider category!  (Record reported by Paul Remde on 7/25/08).
7/22/08  Jim Hard
 Schweizer SGS 1-26  Osceola, WI
463.07 OLC points
283.20 km
175.98 miles
 Roger Lee made arrangements to leave work early to tow me and volunteered to stay all afternoon for others if they were interested in flying (they wern't). Takeoff at 12:45 CDT into a sky filled with Cu. Even with the Cu  forming, the lift was very weak and we set off with 4000 MSL in hand with SCUM Dick Huber on chase. (SCUM = Sailplane Crew Union Member). For the first 2 hours, the average ground speed was only 21 mph even though we had quartering tail wind from the NE of about 9 mph. But the day got better though never very good with cloudbase at 5000 and weak thermals. At St. Cloud Dick and I reunited by radio and he stayed in contact the rest of the flight. Now the wind was right out of the east at about 10-12 mph and on my tail as I headed straight west from about Sauk Center. Before reaching Glencoe the day was starting to die and survival became the mode of operation because of the lack of good off-airport landing places. But the wind helped here as it came! around to SE at 10-15 mph blowing me straight at the next airport, Elbow Lake MN. Getting lower and lower with each thermal I slowly made my way to that airport, putting in at about 5:15 pm. Dick had beat me to the airport and though he missed photos of my landing, he got lots of pics of me and of the FBO, Joe as Joe welcomed us and assisted with the ship trailering. He was rewarded with a beer from the crew cooler plus a promise from Dick of photos for the airport web site. The flight distance turned out to be 179.14 miles in about 5 1/2 hours for an average speed of about 32 mph which is not bad for a 1-26 on a weak day. We got back in town well before midnight.  JH  OLC
 Last 2 months (Posted 7/22/08)
 Various  Various  Osceola, WI
  Kathleen Winters WI state records:
•    Free Distance – Open Class Single place (253.23 miles) 17 Jun 2008
•    Free Distance – 15-meter Class (253.23 miles) 17 Jun 2008
•    Free Distance – Standard Class (253.23 miles) 17 Jun 2008
•    Free Distance – Sports Class (256.52 miles) 17 Jun 2008

Chris Prince WI state records.
•    Straight Distance to a Goal – 15-meter Class (283.53 miles) 11 May 2008
•    Straight Distance to a Goal – Sports Class (287.22 miles) 11 May 2008
•    As of 22 July, Chris is #1 in the OLC for Region 7.
•    First ever Diamond Distance flight launched from OEO.

Paul Esser did his Silver Distance flight, completing his Silver Badge.
Richard Weil completed his Silver altitude and Silver duration (see below for writeup) in separate flights.
Kelsey Campobasso earned her B Badge and did her C Badge duration flight.
Steve Kennedy earned his A Badge, first solo, B Badge and C Badge duration.
Tom Binger did his A Badge and first solo.
Dick Beggs did his B Badge.
Troy Pongratz got his A Badge, then earned his B Badge on his first solo flight.
Craig Cowell earned his C Badge.
JD Teter earned his C Badge.
7/13/08 Chris Prince
 Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI
 338 miles, 5.6 hrs; OLC Classic
I made my first diamond distance (>= 500km) flight. The flight was 338 miles, and took 5.6 hours. I landed at an airport at Sandwich, IL. Roger Lee flew tow, and I crewed for myself (!). A full writeup is here: http://www.cprince.com/soaring/CrossCountryFlights/Sandwich-7-13-08/ This flight should be a WI state record for a straight distance, and is longer than any other current record (non-sports class) flight in SSA records for flights launched from WI.
7/9/08 Jim Hard
Schweizer SGS 1-26
Stanton, MN
437.41 OLC Points (267.14 km) in 4 hrs 31 minutes This flight was out of Stanton on a typical early summer day in Minnesota. Cu were early though low because of relatively high dew point. New tow pilot Brian of the MSC provided the tow service. The wind was straight out of the west as indicated by the cloud drift so crew chief Roger Payne and I ageed to a flight straight to the east toward Green Bay. Because of radio problem, cause unknown, I did not talk to Roger for more than three hours. As with all experienced crews, he had continued driving on the course we agreed to even though we had no contact until he got to Neillsville WI at which point I was slightly ahead of him. The bottom dropped out of the sky shortly thereafter and when I landed in a hay field just east of Rudolph, WI which is not far from Stevens Point, Roger was only about 15 miles away. The farm family at Rudolph put down their balers and other equipment to go see this flying contraption and to explain to the teenage farm boys on the device worked. I! had a pleasant time explained how wing lift is generated by air flowing past it. Roger entertained the parents with stories, some very funny, about gliding and aviation in general. We got home early. JH  OLC
7/4/08 Tom Kuhfeld  PW-5 Stanton Flight from Stanton to Osceola to claim the Delbert Prize That’s right, he did it again! Tom Kuhfeld and his trusty PW5 snuck up to Osceola and stole the Delbert trophy from RWSA on the 4th of July! In truth, Tom didn’t want to land he was having too much fun flying. We managed to coax him down to terra firma so he could collect his prize. Some weak lift encountered on his return flight helped with his decision to land back at the friendly land of RWSA as well!!  Tom also has the distinct honor of now being enshrined 4 times on the plaques, and will be the last pilot listed on plaque number 2. It looks like RWSA will need to create plaque number 3 WHEN we get it back ;-)  The Delbert tradition lives on…. thanks to you all!!!!    Safe soaring, Paul Campobasso
7/4/08 Chris Prince Schweizer SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI
251.67 miles (OLC Classic)
Walt Johnson crewed and Mark Robotti towed. Launched from OEO, flew to a turnpoint near Mora, MN, then flew back to OEO, then flew 105 miles SE to a turnpoint near Ettrick, WI, then landed 25 miles along the return course line to OEO (near Alma, WI). Link to full description.  OLC
7/4/08    Richard Weil
Pilatus B4
Osceola, WI
Silver badge flight-- 5:15 hrs
 LInk to full description. Richard after his flight--

6/26/08 JD Teter Blanik L-13 and Pilatus B4 Osceola, WI Completion of C Badge On June 26 JD Teter completed all the requirements for his SSA C Badge, and the badge was issued to him.  
6/21/08 Steve Kennedy Blanik L-13 Osceola, WI Completed his B Badge solo pilot Steve Kennedy of RWSA did a one-hour thermal soaring flight on Saturday, June 21, to earn his B Badge.  
6/17/08 Kathleen Winters  Libelle 201 Osceola, WI Osceola, WI to Freeport-Dornink Airport, IL, 264.9 miles, duration 4:58, pending WI record, OLC-Classic Pts: 433.83,
 Km: 426.37
A tough flight and I did not think I'd make my goal of Freeport.  Weak lift and wet fields yet good lift, too.  An unusual day!   Thanks to Lee Bradshaw for the tow and to Jim Hard, crew chief. OLC
6/17/08 Chris Prince  SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI I flew to Menominee-Marinette, MI (the shore of Green Bay) in 6.5 hours, a total of 292.63 miles (OLC Classic). Lee Bradshaw towed, and David Hallberg crewed. This was David's first time crewing and he was a very quick study. Even though we were we out of radio contact for nearly the entire flight due to technical problems with the car radio, he arrived at the landing airport about 1 hour after I landed! Amazing for a first crewing trip! I got my best altitude of the day (7,100' MSL) a few miles into Green Bay. This was the first time I'd soared directly over a great lake, and I found it disorienting. I had to make sure to keep my eyes focused on the horizon. OLC
6/15/08 Steve Kennedy Blanik L-13 Osceola, WI First glider solo Steve's instructor, Lee Bradshaw, soloed Steve at OEO on June 15 with Mark Robotti piloting the tow plane.  
6/7/08 Tom Binger Blanik L-13 Osceola, WI First glider solo Tom, a power transition student, soloed under the supervision of Lee Bradshaw on June 7.  
5/18/08 Jim Hard Schweizer SGS 1-26A Faribault flight of 6:54 from near Faribault MN to Pontiac IL, 350.87 OLC miles, highest point reached about 8,200 MSL. On Sunday, May 18, Cross Country Soaring's towpilot Chad took me to exactly where I wanted to release; namely, straight upwind of the airport and under developing Cu which were already about 5,000 MSL at 11:45 AM. Wind direction was a little north of NW at the start of the flight and a little west of NW at the end. Since the way for me to get maximum distance is to keep the wind on my tail, the course had a curve to it as it often does. Crew chief Kathleen Winters (making her second significant retrieve in a 3-day period) stayed close to the glider for the first few hours, but as cloud bases increased to 8,000 with resulting increase in thermal strength and therefore average speed, she got several hours behind even though stopping only when necessary. At 6:30 PM, after soaring for 350 OLC miles, landing was made at the municipal airport in Pontiac IL. The glider was tied down for the night, and the pilot and crew spent the night at the best motel in Pontiac, trailering the ship the next day and returning home by Monday evening. In the OLC international standings, at the time of writing, both this flight and the previous one on May 16 were at the top of the international lists for those two days.  OLC
 5/17/08  Dick Andrews, pilot Scott Elhart, passenger.
 DG-1000 SYN  Landed at New Rochelle, IL.
5/16/08 Jim Hard Schweizer SGS 1-26A Stanton Thermal soaring flight of 3hrs53mins from Stanton to Plattevile WI. 193.13 OLC miles. A strong wind out of the west complicated a flight attempt to get to Freeport IL to meet the members of the Polish glider club that operates out of Freeport. Though the thermals were strong and cloud bases at 9,000, retrieve crew Kathleen Winters was able to stay close enough for radio communications most of the time. South of Prairie Du Chien WI, I turned east toward Freeport and hoped to use the weak lift of a dying day plus the strong tail wind to make it to goal. However, running out of altitude and ideas a short time later I put into the Platteville WI municipal airport at about 4:30 PM. Crew chief Kathleen arrived within the half hour and helpful hands at the airport assisted in trailering the ship. After a pizza dinner at Steve's Pizza in Cuba City, we headed back, arriving home before midnight. OLC
5/11/08 Chris Prince SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI With a tow from Roger Lee and with Walt Johnson crewing, flew to Muscatine, IA, declared as goal.
 Set new straight distance to goal WI state records in the Sports Class (287.22 mi) and 15m Class (283.53 mi).
Link to image of record page on the SSA Web site.
 Flight was 297.12 miles (478.18 km; OLC classic) in 4.75 hours.
I had a tailwind of about 25 mph all of the way. At Muscatine, I decided to land to have a shot at the record, and because both Walt and I had to work the next day. Many thanks to Walt for his superhuman Crew Chief Skills!! OLC
5/9/08 Jim Hard Schweizer SGS 1-26A Osceola, WI 103.33 mile OLC flight from Osceola to New Richmond to Amery to Osceola to Frederic, to Osceola. Richard Weil and Paul Esser helped assemble the 1-26 and Roger Lee provided the tow at about 2:00PM. Cu were well-developed at that time and the small triangle I had laid out was achieved in about 1:20. With lots of good day left and the cloud base now at 8,000 MSL, I flew straight north for just over 25 miles and returned to Osceola by 4:50.  The resulting average speed of 35 mph was good for this ship on a day when there were significant northerly winds. OLC
5/4/08 Chris Prince SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI With Walt Johnson crewing, and a tow from Mark Robotti, I flew to Ashland, WI.  The distance was 133.3 miles (OLC Classic), and my average ground speed was 61.2 mph. I have now soared by two great lakes: Lake Superior and (last season) Lake Michigan.  Driving down from Duluth to OEO at 6am that day, this was seriously the hard way to get to Ashland!! OLC
4/27/08 Chris Prince   SGS 1-35 Osceola, WI 95.6 OLC Classic miles
Bob Lee towed, and with Walt Johnson crewing, we retrieved the Delbert trophy. Or 1/2 of it! We only came away with one of the two plaques. Could it be that the Stanton club was reluctant to part with the trophy? :). A storm front forced me to land at Stanton, my original plan had been a combo of Triple Crown and Delbert. Photographic evidence of the flight was provided by Marilyn Meline.

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