Society for an Open Accountable Purdue

Society for an Open, Accountable Purdue (SOAP) strives for transparent and accountable administrative decision-making at Purdue University. It speaks when the voices of students, faculty, staff, and alumni are muffled and disregarded. Representing a coalition concerned by how the administration makes it decisions and how it discourages dissenting voices, SOAP upholds the mission of the academy, the pursuit of knowledge, and the standard of ethics to which we are all bound. 

The recent presidential appointment of Mr. Mitch Daniels was secretive, and the announcement filled with misrepresentative enthusiasm. The process appears to have violated Board of Trustee (BOT) Bylaws as well as standards outlined by the Indiana State Ethics Commission. Mr. Daniels appears to lack qualifications necessary to credibly serve as university president. None of these concerns have been substantively addressed by the BOT, and statements by the BOT have actively dismissed the legitimacy of these concerns.

As citizens, students, faculty, staff, and alumni, we hold the BOT, search committee, and those responsible for the administration at Purdue accountable for their actions. We demand from them open and transparent processes through which students, faculty, staff, and alumni have a voice, a role, and the authority to scrutinize decisions. We expect administrators to honor the values of Purdue; we hold them to the same standards we hold ourselves.

Hail, hail to old Purdue, and Boiler Up!