Welcome to SOALight's 
Sacred Heart Connection
A Message of Opening to the Change
Within and Around You
2012 and Beyond the Age of Aquarius 
A time for Extraordinary, Unconventional, Evolutionary Change:
Expansion of Consciousness and Expansion of Heart -
Global Acceptance, Compassion, Cooperation, Equity and Equality, Humility, Inclusiveness, Respect & Service. Great change in all areas of human activity- Agriculture, Arts & Humanities, Communications, Culture, Economics, Education, Entertainment, Government, Labor, Law, Politics, Recreation & Religion reaching the core/ heart of all religions, spiritual practices, science and the laws of the universe: (do unto others, cause & effect, what goes around comes around, what goes up must come down, reap what you sow, etc..)

Release attitudes, ideas, blame, beliefs, careers, false pride, fear, people, and places that no longer 
serve your highest good, with love and compassion.
This is the time for you to use your "God" given talents and gifts for
 Community with Action, Peace, Service, Support, and Unity,
To Create Heaven Here on Earth!
Are your thoughts, deeds and words in harmony and balance within to create honest intentions, greatest good, greatest joy and the greatest good for self & others.

 You Are Divine ... We Are Divine...
We are ALL Made in the Image of Our Creator.
We are all given Free Will 
But the strength of free will is knowing when to surrender, use humility and ask for help.
It is there for the asking.
Love is 
Unity and Cooperation 
of the
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I AM Because You Are - You are Because I AM !!!
We are spiritual beings having a human experience 
the Circle of Life.
Sending You Love & Light !!!
Receiving Your Love & Light !!!