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December 30th, 2009--

OK, one last, last update of 2009 -- I have finished cataloging all of my clips! This is a HUGE portion of editing that is very time consuming and it's totally done! I will write narration next week. Also, I have more video from the 2008 rally to upload on to the youtube channel. Here's one for now...

See you next year!

December 23rd, 2009--

Happy Holidays! One last update before the new year -- I am almost done with cataloging the footage I shot in 2008. It is an extremely grueling process that takes a lot of time simply because I have to constantly save and render video files. I have most of it done, and I just may finish the rest before New Year's. After that, I have to write and record the narration, collect some additional clips, and do the linear editing. I'll have to again push back the release date for Volume III to be in late January. I will then probably take another short break, and then get back to work on Volume IV in February. But I'll be on Winter vacation, so I may start on Volume IV a little earlier. We'll have announcements on several upcoming projects after that. 

However, we do have some teaser footage from the 2008 rally to help hold you over...

First, Francisco Herrara performs "Caminando" at the Ignatian Family Teach-In...

Second, the Chestnut Brothers perform "(Power to) The People" after the vigil on Sunday...

And finally, a local group butchers "God Bless the USA" at "God Bless Fort Benning Day 2008". Oh yeah, we have A LOT of great footage from GBFB Day!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


November 30th, 2009--

As promised, the trailer for "Return to the Scene of the Crime, Volume II: The SOA Protest of 2007" is complete and currently online! Check it out!

November 29th, 2009--

Break is over! After a much needed rest, I am happy to announce that editing on Volume III is to begin this week! I'll be spending tomorrow and Tuesday cataloging my clips and writing narration, and then we'll go from there. The finished product should be up before my Winter break, so sometime mid-December. Otherwise, we have a few other announcements...

First, I've added a page so you can watch "Volume II: The SOA Protest of 2007", so you can check that out here: Watch 'Volume II'

Also, I've added a page with some photos from the 2008 rally. Check them out: Photos From 2008 Rally.

And finally, I stumbled upon an interesting clip that relates to the SOA. In 1995, filmmaker Michael Moore hosted a television series called "TV Nation", and in Episode 3 of Season 2, he featured a segment that addresses the School of the Americas! After some searching, I found the clip and uploaded it onto our youtube channel. Interesting stuff! It includes some rare footage of Manual Noriega defending the SOA's role in the rape and murder of the four American churchwomen in 1980. Check it out!

November 9th, 2009--

I solved the copyright problem. I replaced the audio of "Heavy Fuel" with "Jet Airliner" over the bus ride montage and end credits. Apparently UMG is very strict when it comes to their Dire Straits music, which sucks because "Heavy Fuel" became kind of the anthem of our trip there. I learned to love the Dire Straits when I was on that trip and I thought it would be nice to use that music as the "soundtrack".

Anyway, the video is uploaded onto youtube. It is in three parts (under 30 minutes!) and it is in High-Def footage! I will be adding a page to the website that will link to the video tomorrow. 

Regarding "Volume III: The SOA Protest of 2008", I have not begun editing it nor will I this week. I want to give Volume II some time "in the spotlight" as the new piece of the series for a little while, and honestly, I need a break. Editing on Volume III will resume when I return from the 2009 Protest (in two weeks!) and that will be done in early December. I will then edit the footage I shot at the '09 rally into Volume IV in late December. 

All the footage for Volume III is on my computer currently and is waiting to be edited. I could have done it a year ago, but I wanted to finish Vol. II first. So don't worry -- I won't disappear again for months at a time. Once the series is complete, I intend to do an advertising/PR blitz and see about doing some public screenings (at least in Milwaukee). Much more on that later. 

Here's my planned timeline: Early December: Volume III will be completed, Late December: Volume IV will be completed, Early January: SEVERAL MAJOR announcements.

November 4th, 2009--

I have good and bad news. Good news: Volume II is complete on schedule. And I'm VERY happy with the final cut. I'm ready to upload it and move on. In fact, I began the uploading process already!

Bad news: UMG made a copyright claim and the audio was disabled as soon as it was uploaded. What's worse is that I don't know for what song. I used "Heavy Fuel" by the Dire Straits for the travel montage and "Everytime We Touch" for another segment that I don't want to spoil. I fear the problem lays with "Heavy Fuel", so I'm going to have to replace that audio. This will take some time -- at least into next week. Because of that and my ridiculously busy schedule, I do not plan on finishing Volume III before the protest at the end of this month. Working nonstop on Volume II like I did added to this copyright nonsense with youtube is just way to much stress. I'm going to take a break after I get it all sorted out, and I'll edit Volume III when I return from this year's protest. Then I'll get to Volume IV over Christmas break. And that's all I have planned for now.

November 2nd, 2009--

All the footage from Saturday has been edited. I plan to edit again on Tuesday and finish everything by Thursday. Return to the Scene of the Crime, Volume II: The SOA Protest of 2007 should be complete and online by this upcoming weekend. And I'll post the full video of Fr Roy's two speeches from the 2007 Protest on the YouTube Channel. Next week, I'll post photos and video from the 2008 rally. 

October 30th, 2009--

Great news! We are actually on schedule for a change! All of the Thursday and Friday footage has been edited, all the narration has been recorded, and all the of the photos and video have been collected and prepared. Editing the Saturday and Sunday footage is all that is left. Volume II WILL BE DONE by the end of next week.

October 22nd, 2009--

Just added two new sections to the website! I added some pictures we took at the 2007 Rally under Photos From 2007 Rally. And I added a page to post the full videos of speeches made by Jim McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, and Dennis Kucinich, as well as some music performed by the Indigo Girls under Video From 2007 Rally. Check them out!

Also, I will be writing narration tonight. Should go quickly. 

October 21st, 2009--

First news of "Return to the Scene of the Crime, Volume II: The SOA Protest of 2007"! I have finally got a hold of a camera that hooks up to my computer, and I have moved all three hours of footage onto my laptop! Editing begins this week! I should have a completed project before the end of the month! I will update here every time I edit, so be sure to be checking often in the next two weeks! I still may be able to meet my original goal of having both Volumes II and III DONE by this year's protest.

Also, I posted the full speeches of Rep. Jim McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, and Rep. Dennis Kucinich from the 2007 rally on the YouTube page. I know there are clips of these speeches already available from other sources, but my videos are higher quality and the speeches in full! More full length clips from the 2007 rally will be coming later.

Thirdly, for those in Milwaukee, FR. ROY BOURGEOIS of SOA WATCH will be here in Milwaukee, WI on Friday, November 7th as a keynote speaker for the Catholic Call to Action Conference that is being held that weekend. Day passes are $55. More information available HERE.

A new facebook page has been set up! Become a "Fan" of this film series HERE on facebook!

And finally, I have signed up to go to this year's annual SOA Protest as usual with Peace Action Wisconsin, so a fourth installment to this series will being going into Pre-Production very shortly. My buddy Jack will be joining me again this year (he missed last year) and so might my co-editor Mike. Also joining us will be my good friend, Chris, who will be making his first trip to the SOA Protest this year. Lots of exciting news to come in the run up to this year's protest, so be sure to keep checking and help me spread the word about this film and this website!

August 10th, 2009--

Our first trailer for "Return to the Scene of the Crime" has been posted on YouTube. You can view it HERE.

August 1st, 2009--

Photos from 2006 SOA Protest Rally have been posted. Check them out HERE

July 31st, 2009--

Well, I suppose those who read this website have been thoroughly disappointed by my inability to follow through with anything I promised last fall. No new films were released, no public shows occurred, absolutely nothing happened. School became a major priority for me and I have had a whole host of other projects that have bogged me down for the last year. I suppose it is not much of a consolation, but I was able to re-edit this film and I uploaded it to YouTube just a few days ago. It is in HD format, I cut it down by about ten full minutes,  I replaced some footage, I repaired some audio, and I re-did the credits. You can view it under "Watch the Film HERE" link on the left. 

Aside from that, I can finally announce a realistic plan for the next two. It is my definite goal to have both totally completed by the next SOA Protest (which will be the last Protest in GA, to my understanding) in November 2009. I will be meeting with a friend of mine who has a camera that will get my footage off my Hi-8 tapes and onto my computer. Once that is done, I should be able to edit it within a week or so. I'm not at Public Access anymore, so I won't be paralyzed by the lengthy amount of time in between editing sessions. And my footage from 2008 is already on my computer, so I could theoretically begin on that now, but I want to finish the 2007 footage first, which should be no problem. I anticipate a release of Return to the Scene of the Crime, Volume II: The SOA Protest of 2007 in late August/early September. And Volume III: The SOA Protest of 2008 in late September. I mean it, this time!

Also, I'll see about uploading some photos too!

November 24, 2008--

Well, I'm back from the 2008 SOA Protest and it was a fantastic time! I shot plenty of video and took a lot of photos. I will be posting photos from the protest trips of 2006, 2007, and 2008 very soon. Also, in about two weeks, I will head back to Public Access to start work on "Return to the Scene of the Crime: Volume II: The SOA Protest of 2007". That should be done right around Christmas time. Also, by that time, I intend to release a revamped, re-edited version of my first film that I just uploaded. The film that is online now is a rough cut and and there are a few very minor changes I want to make. I anticipate the footage I shot this weekend will be edited into my third documentary sometime before Easter. Also, I will be announcing a few public screenings of the film shortly as well. Just because the film is done, doesn't mean activity around here is. In fact, things are just getting started! Check back soon!

Also, check out the new YouTube Channel. Video clips and trailers coming soon!

November 20, 2008--

Just in the nick of time. The video is currently being "processed" by Google Video. It will be available to watch here in a matter of hours... [UPDATE: It's online NOW!]


Tonight is the night that our group from Milwaukee leave for the 2008 SOA Protest! 

November 12, 2008--

DONE! The finalized DVD is complete and it has already aired on Channel 14 in West Allis, WI. Actually, the documentary has been complete for some time, but there was a problem with my copy of the DVD, which has since been sorted out. The bottom line is that, just in time for the November 2008 Protest, the film documenting the 2006 Protest is finally, FINALLY done. Two years in the making, and four years in the brain, I have finally finished my first documentary. Now, in just a few days, I will upload the entire film onto this website where you can view it in its entirety for FREE. DVD copies of the film will also be addressed soon.

Check back soon to watch the full documentary!

October 21, 2008--

I apologize for not giving last weeks updates, but I will make up for it with good news. We are ONE WEEK away from having a completed film! I have all but finished. All the footage is on the "timeline", and all I have to add are a few subtitles, photos, and some last narration. And I have to straighten some audio levels. I will be going to Public Access one last time this upcoming Tuesday to finalize everything! Check back next week for information about viewing it. DVDs and a free online version will be made available. More info coming soon!

October 9, 2008--

My last editing session saw the end to the "history" lesson. Now it is smooth sailing. I just have to add the footage I shot of the rallies. And since everything was shot in chronological order, all I have to do is trim the clips! Film will be done soon!

October 5, 2008 --

Reporting another fine editing session from last week and there is another one coming up this Monday. I am more than halfway through the most difficult and tedious part of the entire project (History lesson about the SOA). However, it is smooth sailing after this. The film will be complete by mid-October. Things are going great! I'm just so excited it will be done in time for the November Protest.

September 24, 2008--

Another great editing session. The Thursday night narration and travel montage are finished. This is phase one of about five. My next editing session is next Tuesday. Check back for a report. 

September 23, 2008--

The first editing session went great! Got all the material onto the harddrive and split all the clips up. Also, I uploaded all the audio clips I will be needing as well.  Now it is all a matter of piecing together the metaphorical puzzle. But since all the narration is written and I know how the first 3/4 of the movies is specifically supposed to be, this will only be a matter of days. In fact, my next editing session is scheduled for today (Tuesday) at 5pm. Another update coming soon.

September 17, 2008 --

FINALLY! Some great news to report! The editing session went great -- I understand how to use all the equipment in the studio now and we're all set to begin the editing process. I am scheduled to go in THIS MONDAY (9/22) for 5 HOURS to edit. This is fantastic news! The film will be DONE, COMPLETE, FINISHED now in only a matter of perhaps two weeks. Good things come to those who wait. Just a little bit more time and we'll be all done. 

September 9, 2008 --

West Allis scheduled an Editor's meeting for next week Wednesday. Update to come then. Check back soon!

August 8, 2008 --

As usual, I am terribly late with a vital update. The July 15th meeting has come and gone. It went fine. I learned about the studio, the rules, and and other important aspect of Channel 14. They assured me I will be able to come in for an Editor's meeting early this month (probably next week) and after that I am able to begin (and complete editing on the film). I can be given up to an 8 hour per day to edit my movie. I guarantee I can finish the entire film within one 8 hour session. Given a decent scheduling, I can still say it is likely that "Return to the Scene of the Crime Vol. I" will be complete by the end of August. Check for another update next week. I intend to call them on Monday.

 June 28, 2008 --

I don't have a huge announcement to make today, but I just finished watching On the Line, which is the latest documentary made about the SOA Watch movement. It is a fantastic film and I definitely recommend purchasing it. It summarizes the history of the movement quite well. At least check out the film's website.

Anyway, I figured I would assure you all that the film is still at the front of my mind right now, and that my meeting at West Allis Public Access is less than three weeks away, which means we're probably only two months away from the film being finished.

Thanks again for you patience.

June 5, 2008 --

Well, unfortunately, bureaucracy strikes again. I'm all signed up at West Allis Public Access and I will be given access to everything I need to have in order to edit the film. All I need to do is go to a Producer's Meeting and then an Editor's meeting so I can learn how to use the equipment. The only problem is that the next available Producer's Meeting is July 15th. So now I just have to wait. However, this gives me time to begin writing on Vol. II (the 2007 protest), so this is not a major problem. The only thing is that now I won't have the film done by the end of June, but rather the end of Summer. More updates coming soon. And DEFINITELY check back around July 15th.

June 2, 2008 -- 

As you can see, no major update was announced within the past month. For this, I apologize. Finishing school among other things has bogged down my free time for the past two months and I have been quite distracted from finishing this film. 

However, classes are over and my life has stabilized. I will now have plenty of free time to (hopefully) wrap the editing process of this film up. Again, all the footage for this film is shot, all the narration has been scripted, and the outline for the actual film is complete. All to do now is simply edit on the computer. So it will not take long.

The major update I was planning on announcing was the fact that I found a solution to my editing problem. I am signing up for a membership the West Allis Public Access TV station. After a brief training seminar, I will have full access to their editing equipment and the film will be done inside (I predict) three weeks. It is not unreasonable to believe that the film will still be done before the end of June, which has been my personal goal for the better part of a year now. 

In the next coming weeks, there will be plenty of updates and news so be sure to check back often. I mean it this time.

Thanks for your patience.

April 6, 2008 --


Feb 19, 2008 --

Editing Session. We successfully edited half of the Thursday travel montage. We will meet again next week to finish it. Then we will begin the "History of SOA" scene.

Feb. 10, 2008 -- 

We have officially begun the editing process of the film. Given our schedules on campus, we anticipate meeting at least twice a week for editing, and we hope to be done in the Spring of 2008. 

In addition, today marks the opening of the official film website.