Check out these websites for more information on the School of the Americas and the SOA Protests 

School of the Americas Watch : The official organization that organizes the annual SOA Protest, in addition to the multi-national lobbying campaign it has led.  

School of the Americas Watch on Wikipedia : A brief run down of the history of the SOA Watch and their activities.

Virtual Truth Commission on the School of the Americas : A summary of reasons of why to close the SOA / WHISC.  

School of the Americas Watch / Northeast : A grassroots organization dedicated to closing the SOA / WHISC.

Human Rights Watch : The SOA / WHISC is one of HRW's issues. 

Hidden in Plain Sight : A feature-length documentary that looks at the nature of U.S. foreign policy through the SOA / WHISC. 

On the Line : The latest feature length documentary regarding the SOA / WHISC and the annual protests.

School of Assassins : An academy award winning short film, documenting the violent history of the SOA / WHISC.

Video: Closing the School of Assassins (School of the Americas) : A great interview with Fr. Roy Bourgeois, founder of SOA Watch.