"Return to the Scene of the Crime"

A documentary series by Joseph Kay 

Greetings! Welcome to the homepage of the film series, "Return to the Scene of the Crime: The School of the Americas Protest". 

This is a film series that documents the experience of several activists from Milwaukee, WI as they make their journey to one of the largest peace rallies in the country. The series is to be in four parts: The SOA Protest of 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. 

The first and second part of the series are currently DONE. And they have been made available to view here in their entirely (in HD!) for free! Click on "WATCH the Film HERE" to view them!

Check the "News and Updates" link for more, well, news and updates. There are plenty of them, so please do.

Post-production on the third film regarding the 2008 protest will also be completed shortly. In addition, the fourth installment of the series, which regards the 2009 Protest, is in pre-production.

Exciting news all around! Check back soon and often!