Sr. Cecelia

Wednesday, April 26, 2017     Christ is risen!  Indeed, He is risen!

 Grade 1Ch. 19:  AB 
 Grade 2    Ch. 24:  AB 93
Learn "Tree" Penance worksheet both sides /  Please see the side note -->
PLEASE: the PRAYER BOOKLET & CONFESSION HANDOUT need to be returned in the HOMEWORK FOLDER for class in school.
 Grade 3Ch. 25:  AB 98 finish & 99
 Grade 4

Ch. 24:  AB 93

 Grade 5Ch. 21:  AB 86 by Friday at the latest
 Grade 6Ch. 27:  AB 107 by Friday at the latest
 Grade 7Ch. 24: AB 
"Jesus" movie continues during classes
 Grade 8In class:  Bible accounts of Our Lord's resurrection -- comparative study

New Sodality Girls Meeting:  This Friday during recess @ convent

May Our Risen Lord fill you & your loved ones with His love, peace & victorious joy!

G. 2 First Penance & Solemn Communion Rehearsals before 1st Penance-May 6
  • Saturday, April 29 @ 9:00--12Noon max in Church...2nd group rehearsal
  • Be on-time in the Church & attend ALL rehearsals
  • Wear clothing appropriate for Church
  • Come well rested
  • Eat a good breakfast before coming
This is a once in a lifetime event, so please make this a top priority.
Saturday Ukrainian School children will be escorted back into the school, after the rehearsals.

G. 2 Every day until May 7th
  • Pray aloud the 2 "I believe..." prayers aloud in both English & Ukrainian & stand like you should for each prayer... 
    • while someone who could help you listens to you.  When you are ready, if possible, ask someone to video record you, so that you may see & hear how well you are praying.
  • Practice the 5+2 steps to get ready for Confession.
  • Practice "going to confession".


St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School,
Jan 26, 2016, 12:18 PM