Mrs. Hutsal

April 25, 2017 

 Grade 5"Tyt i tam"    Study all words from wkbk. p.26, p.29

 "Kazky" wkbk. p 69-72. Repeat all stories.
 Grade 6"Khodit zi mnoyu"),    wkbk.65, 66, read p.156-178, write, translate and study words. 

"Shkola"      read the book on p. 30, 31, write and translate words
 Grade 7"Nashi skarby"  finish wkbk. p82-84. Know how to tell the history about I. Franko
"Shkola" read p.23-30, write, translate and study words
 Grade 8"History of Ukraine" read p.53-57, answer  question #1 on p.63 (write in notebook)

"Kazky"   Write, translate and study all words from p 83-90. wkbk. p. 55, 56, 57. Finish all your work until p.90 (reading book) and until p.57 wrkb.
"Prygody" Read and translate p. 49-54.  study words