The word ESOTERIC literally means likely to be understood or enjoyed by a few people with special knowledge or interest. For the 325 and odd first year engineering students, it was a moment of joy and understanding of the technical nuances of engineering. ESOTERIC was the first national symposium organized by our six months old budding college, SNSCE. It was conducted on 15th of March 2008.


The event started at 09.00 AM with the registration of participants. The inaugural function took place by 10.00 AM. Dr.P.R.Thiyagarajan was the Chief Guest for the morning session. A doyen in the academic circles of Coimbatore, Dr.P.R.Thiyagarajan was a Professor for both our Principal and Chairman. In his inaugural address, he expressed happiness that a college in its first year was organizing such a technical symposium. He encouraged the students to involve in such activities and expand their horizon of knowledge. The event took place with the presence, blessings and words of Dr. S.N.Subbramanian, our Chairman, Dr.S.Rajalakshmi, Our Correspondent and Dr.V.S.Veluswamy, Our Founder Trustee. Our Principal Dr.G.Karupuswami, Convenor Prof.L.Raja and AO Prof.R.Natarajan were also in the thick of the action.


After a tea break, Mathemagics event took place. The event involved solving of 15 maths puzzles in 45 minutes and the dozen teams that participated found it interesting. The event was convened by Prof.K.Shanmugasundaram, HoD, Dept. of Maths, SNSCE. Simultaneously, the Paper Presentation Session on “Nano Technology” and “Super Conductors” with 10 technical papers took place under the chairmanship of Ms.S.Arunthathi and Prof.B.Anuradha.


After a delicious lunch, the participants assembled back by 02.30 PM for the session on “Global Warming” and “Energy Conservation”. The session where eight technical papers were presented was jointly chaired by Dr.Maleeka Begum and Mr.N.Anandh. By 03.15 PM, the general quiz competition organized by Mr.Pon.Rathnavel and the debate competition organized by Ms.A.Sangeetha went in parallel.


After a warm cup of tea in the evening, the participants thronged the Seminar Hall for the valedictory function which started off by 04.45 PM. Prof.S.Bhaskar, a well known trainer and motivator from Kumaraguru College of Technology was the Chief Guest. His enthralling and interactive speech held the audience in total sway. There are no words to describe the level of enthusiasm and motivation Prof.S.Bhaskar imparted to the students in his speech. The theme of his speech was “Thinking beyond scenario and competition and succeeding in something each one likes” and it was well received by the students. Prof.S.Bhaskar and Dr.G.Karuppusami jointly distributed certificates and prizes to the winners.


Those were the ten winners. But everyone involved with ESOTERIC was a winner because participation meant more than winning, values meant more than success. At SNSCE, we showcased our hospitality and refulgence and seemingly the participants enjoyed it. After all ESOTERIC is enjoyment of these special people. The pleasant day will always be in our memory.