Western Snowy Plover

Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus )


The Western Snowy Plover on a beach in Oregon

My name is Nick and I'm a 7th grade student in San Diego, California.  In my Life Science class, I had to do an endangered species project. I decided to do mine on the Western Snowy Plover, because my family has seen them before and have helped them out, so I decided to do more research.

Information and Media Sources:

Plover Image from  The Fish and Wildlife Service of Oregon

Image from: http://www.fws.gov/oregonfwo/Contaminants/Spills/NewCarissa/Images/SnowyPloverNPN29.jpg


All Info Found From FWS, NPS, Biological Diversity, Defenders.org, Friendsofthedunes.org, and weternsnowyplover.com Thanks to all!