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Antique snowmobiles for sale

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(Please note that  prices are in $USD.)
A Re-Newed, revamped, dusted-off, oiled, re-0iled, polished, rewinshielded, mostly reinflated, dual-tracked, all-unusual PLAYCAT,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  $1900
Play Cat twin track amphibian
PlayCat tracked amphibian

 Challenger 21, opposed twin cyl OMC engine.
extreemly reliable, comes with xtra track to replace
 the rough one on it...  wood trim;  
Johnson antique snowmobile for sale

KAWASAKI INVADER 440 liquid cooled  dual ignition  (incomplete machine)
good track, good motor, nice body, no cracks;  for parts or restoration 

HARLEY DAvidson: i only have the following PARTS Left: one very rough steel body (bare), a later model aluminium chassis, handlebar and tie rods,rear tail light housing, two (fair )cabs, full set of bogie wheels and suspension, one coil, front bumpers with backing plates,  pair of rear bumper grab bars, a Very rough but original track, one chaincase assembly, one brake assembly, a front driveshaft ( To be retored with new sprockets, included). $1225the lot

ARTIC CAT Panther 440
Artic Cat Panther 440

1968, semi restored $1275 for the project
(the worst/most difficult is done )0
Ski Doo 1968 for sale

Bombardier 68 for sale

complete; very good condition (call 4 details) 

1967 SNOWCRUISER Snowmobile, Model C-2075. 
the bogie wheels support are new. 
Has very good motor, wide track, electric start.
Snow Cruiser antique for sale

340, v good condition, yamaha motor, fast, clean, fun...     $ 1295
Sno-Jet antique motoneige

Sno Jet 340 à vendre

1971 SKI-DOO
Olympique, excellent condition, decompressor, lights work
with papers, very clean, $ 1650
Ski-Doo Olympique à vendre

Artic Cat Pantera for sale

73 EVINRUDE  trailblazer classic snowmobile ,
Evinrude classic snowmobile for sale

Indy, 3-cylinder widow maker; good running condition , needs carb cleanup, $1375
Polaris Indy à vendre

  • 76 MOTO-SKI Futura444; has no motor nor windshield ,      Body only; $575       With the cab ,$875
Moto-Ski Futura for sale

  1969 nordic    for parts or restoration,  needs cleaning,  $690
Ski-Doo Nordic

1969 semi-restored
Sk Doo 69 for sale

Bombardier 69 for sale

MERCURY pair of snowmobiles. Two for the price of one.  TO MAKE one...  
Mercury motoneiges à vendre

  Q 30 classic snowmobile, pretty much complete, needs a seat obviously... seized 437cc motor,  for retoration or for parts 
Motoneige Evinrude à vendre

SCAT  HOVERCRAFT  -  Here is a unique snow machine that you can also use in the summer. The original engine has been sold (Rotax 277) but I have a Rotax 503 (optional) that will fit the motor mount as well as the drive pulley of the cogbelt reduction drive. The propeller pitch can be adjused or the number of blades can be increased to use a more powerful engine. SCAT pilots all agree to say that the Rotax 503 is the ideal powerplant for this model. $2500 for the RESTORATION AND UPGRADE PROJECT. ***
***(machine presently has been dismantled of the motor, waiting to be retrofitted with the 503, included in the price deal)
Used Hovercraft for sale

You can view a short video of the SCAT hovercraft in action: 

YouTube Video

Small hovercraft for sale

That's it folks !

PS:  one more item:

I have a 2'x3' doghouse for sale, in case your wife sent you there for the night.
because you rode your snowmobile for too long;

It comes complete with dog pad, heat lamp, and
(to help you survive the night so that it won't SEEM so cold)
a dog bowl with  drinking water mixed with 40% Prestone
to keep it from freezing... (not fit for human or canine consumption )
SALE PRICE: $50.....;-)

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