50 +

Why special trips for fifty plus? We feel far from old, but we would like to travel at our own pace, with much attention to nature and culture.  In groups, we also enjoy sharing these same interests with peers. And let's be honest, occasionally a bit of extra comfort is appreciated.

However, there are clients who ask if they can do a hike through the Himalayas at their age. Our answer is yes!  If you regularly walk, or spend your holiday in the mountains and your condition is reasonable, you can. You can get to altitudes between 4,000 and 5,000 meters and sometimes even above that.

Our program, unlike many travel agencies, is a limited program. Recently, many remote areas have become accessible, creating a responsibility for maintaining and protecting the natural and cultural heritage. In Adventure 50 plus, we are very aware of this and we perform our travel with respect for regional nature and culture.

We hope you consider Adventure 50 plus if you plan to visit those places you've always wanted to see! We would be happy to discuss which travels from our regular program can also be done with our Adventure 50+ program.