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Snow Leopard Travel provides adventurous, cultural, and nature-focused travel experiences. In a world constantly in motion we organize travel that speaks to the imagination, exploring new destinations every year. We are proud to be an independent specialist in the field of adventure travel.

It’s all about discovering the outdoors in an easy way. Snow Leopard will do just that, providing you with opportunities that will enhance your experience during your stay.

The guided trekkings are designed for people who want to enrich their lives, nourish their souls, feel invigorated and have fun. Our philosophy is to ensure that your experience will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. Our trekking tours allow you to appreciate the sheer diversity of the region you are visiting, and to tackle every day with new challenges and magnificent views: the simple lodges, the setting sun, the fresh air or a high altitude morning.

We offer flexibility to fit your schedule. If your availability doesn't quite fit with the guided tours scheduled, Snow Leopard will help you find a solution that does work. Partial tours can be arranged if you need to arrive late or depart early. In some cases you can set your own dates and we will provide a guide. Snow Leopard offers flexibility that is unmatched by larger companies.

The program consists of treks, climbs, expeditions, adventures tours, culture travels and photo travels. All these travels have one thing in common: adventure.

If you are considering travel to the remote areas of the Himalayas, or a hike in Europe, team up with one of our groups or book an individual trip now.