Welcome to Our Snow Hill Bluegrass Site 
Note:Our Snow Hill Bluegrass Show is temporary closed due to the building remodel now in progress!!! Effective January, 2018. We expect to be closed for about 4 months until the new building is completed. Please check back for updates!!! We plan to come back bigger and better than ever.

   The Snow Hill Bluegrass Jamboree was started in June, 2003. It is a monthly bluegrass and acoustic music show and it is held on the first Saturday of each month except December. The location is 9100 Snow Hill Road, Ooltewah, TN 37363. You can click on the map section for directions to the show. This is the Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Department's Training Center. This building was formerly the old Snow Hill Elementary School. The auditorium has comfortable seating and is air conditioned and heated.  For information phone: (423) 344-3213. My email address is:
     The stage show starts at 6:00PM and goes until around 11:00PM. We feature local bands who volunteer their talents. We usually have between 5 and 10 bands performing on stage each night. We try to limit the music to acoustic (non-electric) except we will allow an electric bass. We try to run a show that is entertaining to the crowd.
    We have several dedicated volunteers who work together to make this show happen. We have an excellent emcee named Jerry Wilson. Jerry keeps the crowd interested and informed about what is going on. Jerry also sells and announces the ads. We have sponsors who pay for their spots to be announced on our show. We have an excellent sound man named Mickey Finley. Mickey is a very dedicated technician and he does an excellent job in controlling the sound in this building. These old school auditoriums with their block walls and hard surface floors and ceilings make the sound want to bounce around. Mickey has consistently been there to keep this under control. 
   There is no admission charge. No one is paid for their time. It is strictly a volunteer effort. We do pass a bucket around during the show and ask for donations. All money collected goes to the Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Department and is used to help needy families at Christmas time. The money from the ads also goes to the Fire Department for the same purpose. The Fire Department handles the food preparation and sales. They cook barbeque and other excellent foods and desserts. The money from this also is used for the same purpose. The kitchen usually opens about 5:00PM and there is usually a line of folks waiting. Chief Harris and his kitchen crew do an excellent job and they are a big part of the reason we have been successful. 
    We do not schedule bands ahead of time. Since no one is paid for their performance, we take the talent that shows up and try to produce an entertaining show from the ones that are there for the crowd to enjoy. We have been criticized in the past because some bands do not get to play in "prime time". We feel we must let the entertainment factor be our guide in selecting which bands will play at which times. We allow as many bands to play as possible during the show. Since our show has paid sponsors, we feel an obligation to be selective on who we allow to play on this stage. 
   This building being an old school house has many different rooms and hallways. We encourage jam sessions and we feel this is a big part of the attraction. Some people come to the show and never go in the auditorium because they are involved in the jamming in the back rooms. We open the building at around noon for those who want to jam or listen. The stage show starts at 6:00PM.
   The Crowd Choice award is a part of our stage show each month. This is sponsored by Bea's Restaurant in Chattanooga. The crowd votes on their favorite band each month and the winning band wins $100.00 and comes back on stage to play the final set of the night. We have had some good bands in the past and it has been a lot of fun for all.
   We recently set up a page on Facebook. I'm not interested in telling the world what I'm doing or what I'm thinking or how I'm feeling. I did want to be able to connect with folks at this level and get more information out about Snow Hill. The link is: