Local Books

Pioneers of the Stillaguamish
by Dennis Conroy
paperback, $16.00
An excellent history of the lower Stilly Valley centered around the life of early pioneer Garner Goodridge.  Goodridge came west from New England in 1853, lured by tales of gold in California and Canada. Failing to strike it rich, Gardner took his experience working in the woods of Maine to the new community of Utsalady Bay on Camano Island. He spent the next half-century carving out a life in and around the growing communities of Stanwood, Silvana and Florence. Thoroughly researched and engagingly told, this is a must for anyone interested in local history.  (Currently out of print)

Camano Island
by Karen Prasse & the Stanwood Historical Society
paperback, $21.99
A wonderful photographic history of Camano Island, from the early days of Utsalady as a bustling port, to the 20th Century campers and day-trippers who came to enjoy its many family camps. This book features more than 200 photographs from the collection of the Stanwood Historical Society, and is the only book currently available on the history of the Island.

Exploring Camano Island:A History & Guide by Val Schroeder
paperback, $19.99
The beaches, forests and wildlife of Camano Island offer a treasure-trove of natural beauty and endless recreational possibilities. From English Boom to Cama Beach, author Val Schroeder takes us on a tour of Camano's unique parks and preserves, exploring not only the landscape, but also the fascinating history behind each one.

Stuck in the Mud: The History of Warm Beach, Washington
by Penny Buse
paperback, $30.00
40 years in the making, Penny Buse's history of Warm Beach south of Stanwood offers both a charming personal reminiscence about the place and its people, and an exhaustively researched look at a unique beach-side community. This is a lively read, full of fascinating historical tidbits, and lushly v with hundreds of photos, many in color. Currently out of stock - ask about our waiting list 

The Stanwood Story
by Alice Essex
paperback, in 3 volumes, $22.00 each
A chronological and pictorial history of the Stanwood area, including Camano Island. Volumes 1 and 2 were written by Alice Essex, the third was written by Mrs. Essex and completed by Cliff Danielson, former publisher of the Stanwood News. Alice Essex was the daughter fo D.G Bennie, and early day pioneer logger and mill manager.

Our Pacific Northwest Birds & Habitats
by Craig and Joy Johnson
paperback, $24.95
From Whidbey Island photographer and artist Craig Johnson, this book offers stunning and intimate portraits of the birds seen in our area. The photos are arranged by habitat type, making it much easier for even the novice birder to find and identify each species. We're sure you'll agree - no one can capture the personality of birds the way that Craig can!

These books and many more of local interest are available at the Snow Goose Bookstore regularly. Stock may be limited.