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« If you think you get this fairytale, you actually don't»

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«If you think you get quantum physics,

you actually don’t.»

Richard Feynman

Pioneer in quantum physics.

With SNOWGLOBES, I aim to create a realistic and contemporary fairytale giving as much credibility as possible to an unbelievable story.

The film relates the story of three characters, three solitary individuals. A man, Doc, a young woman, PhD, and a Kid, get to know and care for each other in univers of quantum physics – a relationship troubling by an intriguing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Qubits-1[1].

The idea of this film was born when I experienced in my life a strange situation, like I could say «To be and not to be» is the same thing. I remembered the thought experiment of Shrödinger illustrating quantum physics and involving his cat both dead and alive.

Even though, there are extensions of application, quantum physics stays a fundamental science. Approaching this subject can be thought as elitist, but this science enables us to see the world from a different angle; a paradigm shift inciting us to realise the need for reinventing our society being disrupted by technological progress.

[1] In quantum physics, a qubit or qu-bit (quantum + bit) is the quantum state representing the smallest storage unit of quantum information. It is corresponding to the quantum bit.

«Technology has overtaken our humanity,

so what about our love?»


Dialogue extract from SNOWGLOBES.

This film is likewise about love, the loss of the loved one, the birth of love and its eternity – timeless subjects.

Such as my first feature film, the protagonist loses the person he deeply loves. Although in ABRAHADABRA, the central character gets through this difficult time by denying and day dreaming, the protagonist of SNOWGLOBES is sticking to reality – a dreamlike reality: the quantum reality.

«Freedom of thought is critical; it enables us to become open-minded and undertake ambitious projects. The current system doesn’t place confidence in scientists and doesn’t offer them enough time. Prolific laboratories producing numerous Nobel laureates have been closed because the stakeholders didn’t reach short term profitability with research solely based on curiosity. This is the result of a perverse system founded on the law of profitability, turning down free goods being nevertheless the wealth of a great society.»

Serge Haroche


The character of PhD values a female lead in a mostly masculine sector. This work likewise reflects upon the researcher’s commitment – an individual utterly devoted to science, her/his doubts, her/his uneasiness  and her/his relationship with technology (embodied by Qubits-1’s AI). The discovery that PhD will make can earn him a NOBEL PRIZE but is it the only consequence?

«Artificial Intelligence is not only the next sea

change in computing, it is also the next turning

point for humanity.»

Brian Krzanich


We know AI is increasingly playing an important part in our society. And almost all industries/sectors are affected by the latter. Will AI change our relationship with the World, the Other?

AI has already been a matter of interest in cinematic works: “2001: A Space Odyssey” (Stanley Kubrick), “A.I.” (Steven Spielberg), “Her” (Spike Jonze)... For the creation of Qubits-1, I took inspiration from my own online research, but also social media. Qubits-1 develops a close relationship with PhD (the student) combining extreme professional performance, intrusion into intimate life and commercial proselytism. To me, this mix generating a disruptive, transgressive and perhaps “new” relationship is interesting.

«Anyway, the world always finds ways to start new wars. It would be promising if someone could remove the violence gene in each of us as soon as we were born.»


Dialogue extract from SNOWGLOBES.

SNOWGLOBES suggests a naive solution to achieve world peace: removing the violence gene. Although childish, this idea incites us to think about science’s action to maintain peace. The film, therefore, also recalls the scientist’s dilemma – a scientist working for advancing knowledge, but failing to fully take into consideration the consequences of her/his discoveries.

«If the peacefully of the water can reflect everything, what the peacefully of the mind can?»

Tchouang- tseu

4th century before Jesus Christ, Chinese thinker.

Such a Painter offers a fundamental peace with her/his canvas, I would also like to contribute to peace with my films, by their themes and the spirit animating them. I support “Le Mouvement de la paix” (Peace Movement)[2].

[2] The Peace Movement is a French pacifist organisation promoting the Culture of Peace initiated by the United Nations. This Charity was created in the aftermath of the Second World War by widely known resistance movements notably inspired by Communism, Christianity and free thinkers.