UNSC AI Transfer Case

Designer/Builder: Kris
Owner: Kris

Based on the AI Transfer Case used by Dr. Halsey in Halo: Reach to transfer Cortana's fragment, via Noble Team to Captain Keys departing on the Pillar of Autumn.  Several screen shots and a few good images were found online and used as reference.

16 high-bright 5mm blue LEDs are installed in parallel in each end.  Each group of 8 is powered by its own 2AA power supply and its own switch.  Both power packs are in the "bottom" and the switches are at the "top" under the handle.  Wiring to the "top" was threaded from the end "cap" through the main tube, into the black ring, and through one of the aluminum tubes, and then threaded back through the same route in reverse at the top.

NOTE: The first image with the core powered up, is over-saturated, thanks to my camera's auto detection settings.  The second powered-up image is closer to actual luminescence.

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