UNSC 7th TEF "Snowburner" Squad

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*June 06, 2013 - Been a while, since the Facebook pages are the primary pages now.  The roster has been updated, with members retired or inactive, and new members on the way!  CCEE 2013 was great, though not a huge Snowburner outing this year.  Later this year in September, is the second annual Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo (ECEE).

*April 02, 2012 - Several members of the Snowburners attended the Edmonton Toy Show on April 01.  One member was part of a group photographed for an article on the event that was published in the Edmonton Sun's hard copy on April 02, and a longer version of the article in the Edmonton Sun's online edition featured all four of the present members.  Not confirmed yet, but two members may also be featured in the Edmonton Metro (print or online edition).

*Feb.27, 2012 - The Snowburner Squad was recently interviewed for an article in The Calgary Metro newspaper.

*Also in the news, we have set up a public Facebook page, to allow others to communicate with us.  Over time, we will be uploading photos there as well.

*Dec.08, 2011 - Snowburner Squad interview posted online at The Calgary Journal newspaper.


Welcome to the UNSCDF alpha-firebase "Valkyrie", current home of the Snowburner squad, of the 7th TEF (Tactical Expeditionary Force); formerly of the 26th MEF, Marine Expeditionary Force.  Operating out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy.
Original marine squad members: Kris Joosten (squad leader), Shawn Trainor, Peter White.

Additional members:    Erin Montemurro as Cortana <INACTIVE>
                                          Stephen Campbell as an ONI trooper

                                          Greg Montemurro as an ODST <RETIRED>

                                          Melissa Kirbyson as an ODST

                                          Kevin Hickman as S-117 Master Chief (Mk. VI; Halo 3-era)

                                          Chad Zsideg as S-052 Jorge (Spartan-II; fall of Reach-era) <RETIRED>   

                                          <redacted> as an Unggoy (aka Grunt) <RETIRED>

                                          Patrick Johns as a blue Mk. VI Spartan-II

                                          Izy Cheung as Cortana and a white Mk. V Spartan-III <RETIRED>

                                          Jon Geissler as S-117 Master Chief (Mk. VI; Halo 3-era) <RETIRED>

                                          Scott Stephenson as a Mk. V Spartan-III <INACTIVE>

                                          Steff Schmidt as Cortana <INACTIVE>

                                          Sylvia Douglas as Dr. Halsey <INCOMING>

                                          Julia Annuik as a Spartan-II <INCOMING>

                                          Travis Sall as an ODST <INCOMING>


Squad Photographers: Steff Schmidt, Marcy Declerk, Gina Long, Majid Koudmani, Jen Kirbyson, David MacKenzie (DMac Studios), Chris Stewart
Squad Backstory (in-universe)

In 2552, the Covenant armada fought closer and closer to Earth, the cradle of human civilization. Spartan-II soldier Master Chief John-117 fought heroically to delay the enemy advancement.  Time was growing short, and desperate measures were undertaken on all fronts.
One such desperate measure, was the creation of a small marine sqaud, the Snowburners, tasked with locating and if possible, retrieving the missing UNSC ship Spirit of Fire, CFV-88.  The Snowburners were given a state-of-the-art prowler, also called the Valkyrie.  The ship was equipped with the most advanced cloaking technology available; a hybridized variant of ONI and Covenant cloaking technologies.   In the cargo hold was a spare slipspace reactor for the Spirit.  This reactor was a late addition to the mission; UNSC observatories had picked up faint traces of an explosion at extreme long-range, carrying an EM signature very similar to that registered with the Spirit of Fire's slipspace reactor.  ONI was hopeful that the ship itself (and her crew) had not been lost in the explosion.
The squad adopted the standard Spirit of Fire logo, but with gold highlights, as their unit was initially based on the Spirit, but missed joining up when the starship made an unscheduled jump to slipspace.
With the full backing of the UNSCDF and ONI, the squad raced to the last confirmed location of the Spirit of Fire. 
Further mission information will be uploaded as the mission reports are received, transcoded, and filtered for public consumption.
UPDATE: Shortly after the mission headed out, and began following up multiple leads, additional resources were assigned to the unit, or encountered en route.  These included a couple ODSTs and a few Spartans.  S-052 Jorge also hitched a ride for a short time, before being reassigned.  ONI also sent out a late addition via high-speed courier: a unigue and highly-classified infiltration specialist, created to infiltrate Covenant Unggoy ranks, obtain critical data, and withdraw.
With these new resources now attached to the mission, the squad was reformed into the 7th TEF (Tactical Expeditionary Force).



Halo event countdown timer:
Harvest falls to the Covenant: Feb.11, 2525
Spirit of Fire departs Reach: Feb.10, 2531
Reach Falls to the Covenant: Aug.30, 2552
Halo (Installation 04) discovered: Sept.19, 2552
ODSTs deployed in New Mombasa: Oct.20, 2552
Contact lost with Spartan II John-117 and UNSC A.I. Cortana: March 03, 2553
Contact re-established with Spartan-117 and Cortana: date unconfirmed