Snow Emergency Parking Ban

  • A Snow Emergency goes into effect when the National Weather Service issues a specified winter weather advisory or warning.
  • When a Snow Emergency is in effect, parking on any street (including the shoulder) or lot plowed by the Village is prohibited.
  • Vehicles parked in a prohibited place may be towed without additional warning to the owner.
  • A Snow Emergency remains in effect until the National Weather Service advisory or warning is cancelled or expires.

Snow removal is important to our merchants, our safety forces and to our residents and visitors.  Because vehicles parked on the street hamper our ability to plow, new rules were recently passed to assist our various service departments in maintaining our streets during times of heavy snowfall.  

Ordinance 2015-50 prohibits parking on all Village right of ways when a Snow Emergency has been declared.  A Snow Emergency exists when any of the following advisories or warnings are issued by the National Weather Service for an area that includes Seville:   
  • Snow Advisory
  • Blowing Snow Advisory
  • Freezing Rain / Drizzle Advisory
  • Winter Weather Advisory
  • Sleet Advisory
  • Ice Storm Warning
  • Heavy Sleet Warning
  • Heavy Snow Warning
  • Winter Storm Warning
  • Blizzard Warning
The parking prohibition includes all areas that are publicly maintained - which would include any of our streets, public parks or public parking areas where the Village provides snow removal services.   It is important to note that the right of way includes "the entire width between the boundary lines" which typically includes the entire area between the sidewalks, including the shoulder.   

A Snow Emergency is automatically in effect for the time period specified by any of the listed National Weather Service (NWS) notices.  For example, if the NWS issues a Winter Storm Warning for Medina County beginning at 6:00 p.m., our Snow Emergency Parking Ban will go into effect at 6:00 p.m.  The Snow Emergency will remain in effect until the NWS advisory or warning is cancelled or expires.

The National Weather Service typically gives ample warning of impending advisories through a variety of media outlets and weather applications.  It is important to monitor these alerts and to be aware of our parking status.