Our Wedding


We did it! We got married on Saturday 18th December 2004! 

The day started early with Debbie driving over to Manchester to pick up the bridesmaids, her Sister and her daughter. While over there, they all had their hair done so that when they got back over here, they just had to get changed fight over the contents of the make up box. In the mean time, I popped down the road to pick up the button holes which was followed by much pacing up and down, wearing out the laminate floor.

When the girls arrived, we managed to have a sit down and have some lunch before the mayhem began. I had to pop up to the hall with tea and coffee which we had forgotten to take the night before. Then I got back and got changed with half an hour to spare leaving just enough time for a few snaps. We had Lucy locked in the kitchen which could only be open from the kitchen side so I had to keep running round the outside of the house to pass things through.

The wedding car picked me up with 35 minutes to go before the wedding and I was glad to get out of the nutty house, with neither Debbie, her Sister or Niece even nearly ready. Arriving at the pub, a we dram was just what the doctor ordered while we got the button holes sorted out before making our way across the road to the church. Myself and my Best Man (my Brother) posed outside the church for the photographer before going inside to check the register.

We just had time to have a chat with some of our family before we had to sit down for the arrival of my Bride, I couldn't believe she was early, given the commotion I'd left behind! We were waiting for the music to start, then chief bridesmaid was by my side, wanting the cheque for the car driver! We got that sorted out and the music started, thank goodness it was only a small church and Debbie was by my side in no time at all. We got to the alter and Debbie was shaking like a leaf as I held her hand firmly.

The ceremony went smoothly and after the second carol, we both began to relax a little. Then, after signing the register, we posed for photos followed by a lap of the church to give everyone a chance to take a picture. We stopped behind while everyone else went next door to the reception so we could have more pictures taken in the church. Finally we made our way out, only to be bombarded by confetti on the church steps. We had more pictures taken as we walked round from the church and we're greeted by yet more confetti as we entered the reception hall.

We went straight into a smaller room, for yet more photos and a stiff drink! The photographer was brilliant, getting us all sorted out while cries for food came from the main hall. When we had finished with the photos, we took our place at the top table and I declared the buffet open and we still think ourselves lucky not to have been crushed in the stampede!

After the food came the speeches, first mine, then my Brothers and both went very well. The next few hours seemed to go in minutes, with us both mingling with the crowd while the music played. The DJ wasn't up to much but it didn't affect the night too much, still, we'll be expecting a full refund on that one any time now. Everything else was perfect, although at one point my Wife had to whizz off in the car with her Brother to find her Sister's husband who had got lost!

At the end of the night we were both dancing with My Dad, Brothers and a few close friends before the music stopped and the chap appeared to close up for the night. We got our taxi back home and sat there on the sofa with Lucy, exhausted and relieved everything had to gone so well.

 Wedding Album


We would both like to offer our special thanks to Maureen (Bride to Be) who made all the dresses, Feastivities who made all the food and Ken who took all the photographs.

We can heartily recommend these people to anyone and are pleased to offer their details below:

Feastivities: 162 Park Grove, Barnsley. S70 1QY - Telephone: 01226 290935

Bride to Be: 60 Dove Road, Wombwell, Barnsley. S73 0TE - Telephone: 01226 210020

Ken Trinder: 25 Turnberry Court, Bentley, Doncaster. DN5 0UL - Telephone: 01302 876577 - Website