Walt Disney Animation Studios
/ Animator / April 2018-Current 2015
-Frozen 2 (film)
-Ralph Breaks The Internet (film)

Clear Fork Publishing/ Author,Art Director / June 2017-Current
-What Does Scout Do? (children's book)
-What Does Scout Hear? (children's book)

Blue Sky Studios
Animator / March 2017-April 2018
-Spies In Disguise (film)
-Ferdinand (film)

Wolfbat Studios
Co-Founder, Director / September 2016-Current
-Koji Proof of Concept Sequence (creator/co-director/story/co-writer)
-The Vinok's Apatite (Batman Fanfilm) (creator/director)
-Koji ID (creator/director)

Method Studios
Animator / December 2016-March 2017
-Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (film)

Sony Imageworks
Animator / August-December 2016
-Smurfs: The Lost Village (film)

/ RP Facial Animator, Character Lead/ November 2015-August 2016
-Missing Link (film)

/ Instructor / June 2015-Current

Walt Disney Animation Studios
/ Animator / March-November 2015
-Zootopia (film)

Reel FX/ Animator / September 2014-March 2015
-Rock Dog (film)

Walt Disney Animation Studios
/ Animator / March-August 2014
-Big Hero 6 (film)

Sony Imageworks/ Animator / November 2010-March 2014
-The Amazing Spider-man 2 (film)
-Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 (film)
-Oz: The Great and Powerful (film)
-Hotel Transylvania (film)
-The Amazing Spider-man (film)
-Arthur Christmas (film)
-Smurfs (film)

Reel FX/ Animator / May-June 2011
-Looney Tunes “I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat” (short)

Rhythm & Hues
/ Animator / April-October 2010
-Yogi Bear (film)

Image Metrics/ Animator / November 2009-March 2010
-Red Dead Redemption (videogame)
-Crysis 2 (videogame)
-Terminal Reality (GDC test)
-Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (trailer)
-Boxer (Dutch cable commercial)

Rhythm & Hues/ Animator / June-October 2009
-Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 (film)

Mass Animation
/ Animator / January 2009

-Online Competition Animation Shot Winner (short film)

Crew972/ Animator Internship / June-August 2008
-El Raton Perez 2 (film)
-Cartoon Network bumpers (commercial)

Savannah College of Art and Design (2005-2009)
School of Film and Digital Media
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Animation
Savannah, Georgia

Animation Mentor
School of Film and Digital Media
Certificate of Completion: Animation
Savannah, Georgia