Trail Work

One of the major tasks facing any snowmobile club is the preparation of the trails for winter riding.  Each year the trails must be cleared of brush and blowdowns.  Inevitably some trails need to be re-routed due to landowner request or new construction in the area.  Bridges often need to be repaired or replaced.  This takes a considerable amount of work and it usually falls on the shoulders of a few individuals.
If you ride the trails in the winter, all this preparation work is invisible to you.  Trust us, there is a lot of work that has been done to give you an enjoyable ride.  Please give one or two Sunday mornings of your time to the club to help get the trails ready this fall.
Trail work is done every Sunday in November.  Since there are so few members assisting now we set up meet locations via phone or facebook, if you would like to help please reach out to us on Facebook or call the Trailmaster Phil at number below.  Please check back at this site for details on work to be done this year.  If you see fit to clear trails near your home on your own, please do so and give our President, Scott a call on 841-6253 or our Trailmaster, Phil at 549-3145 to let them know what you have already completed.
Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Recent Trail Changes

There is no access to All Seasons garage for gas at the head of Damariscotta lake anymore.

Preparation for 2016-2017

We need volunteers to help brush trails this fall and help rebuild some bridges.  If no one comes out to help, you will likely find trails that are blocked by blowdowns and will remain ungroomed this winter.  No one wants to see that happen.  So please give your time one or two Sunday's this fall to do your part.  If Sunday is a bad day for you to help, call Phil or Scott and arrange to work a section of trail on another day (just be aware that November is hunting season).