Snowmobile Races

  Grass Drags

October 19, 2013

Broken Acre Farm
Valley Road, Jefferson, ME


2013 Track Preparation is Under Way!

    This spring the track was rolled and seeded to flatten it out and prepare for a smooth racing surface.  The mound near the starting line was cut off and the fill was used to fill in the low spots in the return lane.  The use of the roller was donated by NC Hunt, the labor to operate the roller by Leon Johnston, owner of Broken Acres, and the roller was transported by Alan Johnston, owner of AJ Construction. The SnoPackers truly appreciate the support provided by local business owners.

2013 Grass Drag Plans

The date for the race has been set for Oct 19 .

1. Fees
    a. Entrance Fee for both Spectators and Racers (12 and under free) - $5
    b. Race fee - $20 per class with a $10 buy in opportunity
2. Track format – 400 ft with ample cool down area.
There will be a limit on access to the pits, only racers and crew.
4. Race Classes - Format (18 and older only).
    a. Stock
    b. Super Stock
    c. Improved
    d. Pro Stock
3. Validation of sleds – We have a sled tech person coming to the race and he will tech the winning sleds to verify they meet the class requirements.
4. Drag start verification and race timing – We are bringing in a professional race portatree timing system, no flag and stop watches anymore!
5. There will be qualifying runs followed by the start of racing.
6. This will be a single elimination event with the opportunity for a buy in if you lose the first race.  Feedback we received tells us you prefer that method over the double elimination that we have held in the past.
7. Safety - Require a kill switch tether MANDATORY!
8. Location of races – Broken Acres Farm – 160 Valley Rd, Jefferson

The planned racing order, subject to modification for operational efficiency, can be found in the document listed on the bottom of this page.  Class rules stating what modifications are allowed per class are also given in a document at the bottom of the page.  Finally, day of race rules are also shown in a document on the bottom of the page.  Click the down arrow on the right to download each document.

Registration:  Registration is from 7:30 to 9:30 with races starting at 10.  To simplify the registration process, please download the registration form and the waiver liability form and complete them at home.  Bring them to the registration area at the race and save the time and confusion of filling them out there.  Forms are listed below.

    Drop us an email at or visit our Facebook events page 
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