The 4" driver's in the first set of kickpanel pods werent doing it for me, and I've toasted two pairs so far. Probably because I'm having to high ouput power levels into them to get the sound I wanted for my front stage. I built new kick panels housing Peerless 6.5"s, using the factory plastic kicks as a base.


I cut the factory kicks to mount a 3/4" MDF mounting ring for the Peerless speakers, then hot-glued it in place.


I wrapped the kick panel/trim ring in grille cloth after spraying the backside of it with 3M Super 90 spray glue. This will give the kick it's shape.


Next, I brushed fiberglass resin onto the grille cloth to stiffen the new shape of the panel up, being careful not to get any on the backside, since the resin will dissolve the glue holding the stretched fabric into shape.


After the grille cloth had hardened into a hard shell from the cured resin, I laid down small strips of fiberglass matt, and wet them using a 3" chip brush, and a brushing, poking motion to soak the strips, and remove any air pockets trapped underneath. This kick has been completely covered front and back (except for the hole) with one layer of fiberglass to add strength.


After the hardened fiberglass surface had cured, I scuffed the surface using 40 grit paper, and then covered the surface using an auto body filler such as Rage Gold, Marson's Platinum filler, (seen here) or Bondo. The kick was coated like frosting on a cake.


After the filler had cured, I sanded the surface down smooth using a D/A sander with 40 grit discs. You can see where the filler fills in the low spots to create an even surface. Several applications of filler and sanding were required to get it smooth without and surface imperfections. I then cut out the material inside the trim ring using a trim bit in my router, and also removed some extra plastic using a jig saw. After this, the kick was treated to a layer of sound-deadening material to the backside, then a thin coat of SEM texture coating, and light sanding with 600 grit sandpaper to the surface to give it a vinyl texture.


After the kick had been painted with Valspar color coat, the surface looks just like the vinyl plastic surface of the stock kick panel. I agree that the color is slightly off, I need to get some more paint mixed, and shoot them again. The speakers were mounted, and here they are installed!


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