I built my first set of kickpanel as add-on pods using a single 4" midrange driver and a 1" ring dome tweeter. They sounded good, but I kept blowing midranges, as the 4" speakers couldn't deliver the midrange/midbass notes I was looking for, and I kept increasing power to get the sound I wanted. Eventually, I ended up going with a 6.5" speaker as you'll see in my "Kickpanels v2.0" page. Below is a detailed summary of the building of those first set of pods.










Here's the layout of the kicks drawn on masking tape in the kick area.


The base layer of fiberglass is laid down after coating the tape with vaseline. The vaseline acts as a releas agent, allowing the cured fiberglass to be pulled off the taped area.


After the fiberglass has cured, and it is popped right out of the car. Next, it gets trimmed to the drawn line, which transferred onto the fiberglass.


I took the trimmed fiberglass base, and attached the wood baffle to it with some wood dowel using a hot glue gun.The appropriate angle was found by attaching a piece of radio backstrap to the baffle, then putting it in the car with speakers attached. The baffles were then angled to provide the best sound, then removed to glue the dowels in.


I wrapped the entire pod in felt using 3M super 90 Hi strength spray glue. This gets the basic shape of the pod, and will be brushed with fiberglass resin. After the felt is stretched, the cloth is soaked with resin turning into a hard shell once the fiberglass resin hardens. The areas where the spray glue is holding the felt to the backside should not be brushed with resin, because the resin will dissolve the glue. Only after the first coat is hardened, should the rest be coated.


After the resin-soaked fabric hardens, I spread body filler across the entire surface. (The fabric surface is rough after the resin treatment.) After the filler cures, I sanded the whole pod with a D/A sander to get the surface smooth using 40 grit sanding discs.This is a pic of the pod after the sanding.


Lastly, the pod was covered by gray vinyl by heating it, and gluing it to the prepared surface of the pod. The drivers were mounted and wired, and the pods mounted in the car by one sheetmetal screw down through the floor.


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