Amp Rack v3.0 is complete, see pics at bottom of page!


I wanted to re-do the first amplifier rack I made, and refine it some. I felt the first one I had made was too aggressive and showy (especially that close to the glass) so I wanted to tone it down a little and give it an almost stock-like appearance.














Taped-out layout of the planned footprint for the new rack. Old painted rack can be seen in the background.


Here I cut the base plate, and attached the main lip of the enclosure to it. I also primed the surface of the MDF wood so paint will stick to it more easily. Also, notice the cut-outs for the fans in the sides of the base-plate. The top lip of the enclosure will be routered using a round-off bit to round-off the lip, for a smoother look when carpeted.


I drilled out 1-1/2" holes in the ends of the enclosure to allow the cooling air in and out of it. I'm using chrome sink strainers to cover the holes. They have blue plastic covering the surface of them now, that will be peeled off when I glue these in place.


Bought 31" of black fleece from a fabrics store, stretched it and stapled it underneath the rack.


The black fleece after being stretched and stapled into place gets brushed with fiberglass resin. After the resin cures, it's hard as a rock, and ready to be carpeted. Since it's just an amprack, and not a part that requires a lot of strength, i'm just carpeting the hardened resin, and not laying any fiberglass onto it.


Sprayed rack and inside of carpet with 3M Super 90 spray adhesive, then stretched it on there and stapled it to the bottom inside of the rack. I obtained the matching charcoal carpet from a local auto upholstery company.


Painted the inside of the tub with Rustoleum hammered finish silver, then fitted the chrome sink strainer "cooling vents" after carpeting was completed.


Cut and glued in 1/2" wide gray foam weatherstripping from Home Depot to the lid ridge in the tub, also cut my 3/16" plexiglas top and drilled a finger hole in it to ease removal. Pictured here is also the small wood trim plates I made to hide the wiring between the amps.


The amp rack completed and installed in the car:


Amp Rack v3.0

New amp is a Rockford Fosgate "25 to Life" edition Power 1000. It is currently supplying the front components with 150Wrms x 2, the Kicker 8" midbasses in the doors with 150Wrms x 2, and the 5 8" subwoofers with 900Wrms. Here she is:

Pontiac PC   Subwoofer Box   Kickpanels v1   Kickpanels v2   Amplifier Rack v1   Amplifier Rack v2   Sound Deadening




























Subwoofer Box


Kickpanels v1


Kickpanels v2


Amplifier Rack v1


Sound Deadening


Miscellaneous Pics