On this page, i'll illustrate the build of my first amp rack. It was definately more blingy than the current version with it's painted surfaces, but I didn't like it so visible in the back window. I did tint the back window in 5% tint, but I still wasn't comfortable with having $1K of amplifiers that were that shown off. On with the pics....













First A wood frame was made. The three flat pieces are where three of the four amps would be mounted. The fourth would be mounted in front.


Stretchy fabric was stretched over the wood skeleton and stapled to the bottom plate. This stretched fabric was then soaked with fiberglass resin by brushing it on. Once the resin cured, it was rock solid, sanded, and primed  with a high-fill primer. As you can see, it still requires some more filling and sanding.


 After the primer dried, it was lightly sanded and a Pontiac-matching pewter color coat was applied, then three coats of automotive clear.


Finally, the power, RCA, and speaker wires were run, and the 1400 watts RMS worth of amps mounted.


Pontiac PC   Subwoofer Box   Kickpanels v1   Kickpanels v2   Amplifier Rack v1   Amplifier Rack v2   Sound Deadening

























Subwoofer Box


Kickpanels v1


Kickpanels v2


Amplifier Rack v2


Sound Deadening


Miscellaneous Pics